Tuesday 9.11.12



“The Seven”
7 Rounds For Time:
7 Handstand Push Ups
7 Thrusters (135, 95)
7 Knees to Elbows
7 Deadlifts (245, 175)
7 Burpees
7 Kettlebell Swings (70, 53)
7 Pull Ups

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Thank you again to all of the amazing judges and volunteers who made the Garage Games a HUGE success!

Tony Blauer Self Defense Seminar
When: Saturday September 15th
Time: 10am to 5pm – Classes will be held at 7am, 8am and 9am
Registration: Registration LINK
What to expect: This workshop is for anyone and everyone…. It’s not a ‘fighting’ course, it’s about real world safety and how to defend yourself during a real attack. The skills Mr. Blauer teaches are functional and natural. Every CrossFit athlete should know them. This information is very important and we want there to be a great turnout.  As leaders in the region, please spread the word amongst your athletes. This one-day seminar could save some one’s life!  At a minimum it creates greater awareness, which will reduce fear and anxiety. We’re excited to offer this seminar. As a community we offer so much education from general fitness, to specialized skills and nutrition, a missing component in our preparation for the ‘unknown and the unknowable’ is confrontation management and Tony is a pioneer in this realm.

Here’s what SME Kelly Starrett had to say about combatives:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3UxtmEY4m8o
Check out the BTS highlights video from a seminar at CrossFit BrandX: http://media.crossfit.com/cf-video/CF_Blauer_Highlights.mov
And here is a link to all Tony’s contributions to the CrossFit community: http://www.crossfit.com/cf-info/excercise.html#Combatives

My Weekend at Tony Blauer’s Tactical Combatives Camp – The Meanest Momma.


Level 1 Seminar at CFNE
When: September 29th and 30th
Time: All Day – Class will be held at 7am both Sat and Sun
Registration: Course is at capacity




  1. Dear WOD God,
    Thanks for easing us all back in to it after the rest day.
    (a friend asked me to post for him)

  2. First time I’ve ever seen CFNE and the CF main site (crossfit.com) post the same WOD. It’s a sign from above, like making a sweat stain on the floor of the box in the shape of the Virgin Mary. Or Daigle. Whatever inspires you.

  3. My friend also just realized this is a hero WOD.
    No excuses.

  4. Alright without the literary talent of Big Mike- Procrastination, from the Latin to put off buying shirts until tomorrow, I have received some requests as to what the heck I am talking about and is there still time to order a shirt.


    this is the men’s Filthy 50 shirt, note the WOD printed upside down so when you are walking lunging between cars in the parking lot you can go right to the next station without getting hit in the head by Michelle’s knee to elbow as you struggle to see straight wiping the burning sweat out of your eyes while also avoiding the lashes from Eugene’s double unders.

    Here is the woman’s shirt design


    Both will have CFNE patches on them
    If you want a shirt email me srockett@comcast.net today last day, I really mean it this time
    Pay when you pick it up at CFNE
    $30 Proceeds going to Wounded Warrior Project
    God Bless America

  5. Amy Brooks

    Secens: dnf did four rounds in 25 minutes.
    Scaled thrusters to 65, Hspu to 35 plate and abmat, 50# Russian swings with a dumbbell.

    Not feeling it today. Overslept so ce to HS to squeeze it in. Ugh. Needed the class motivation today and not the highschool swim team learning how to lift around me.

  6. “The Seven”: 4 + 30. Subbed 2 wall walks for HSPU, knees not quite to elbows. Rest Rx

  7. The Seven: 5 + 28 (105 thrusters, 185 DL, 53 KB)

    Nice work today Dennis and lapping me.

  8. The Seven: 4+14
    Switched to regular pushups after 4 HSPU in round 2 when I couldn’t even kick into a handstand anymore. Rest was Rx. Terrible energy today. Trying to straight set the first round of thrusters was probably dumb.

  9. The Seven. 5+14Rx (got through HSPUs and thrusters) at 30.00 (had patients) knew I was in trouble when I had to break HSPUs and thrusters on my second round.
    Thank you to everyone that puts their life on the line every day so the hard part of our day is this WOD.

  10. Eric Montis

    We can not forget that today 11 years ago the biggest attack ever on US history was coordinated and executed in our own backyard. In remembrance of all the policemen, firefighters, service members, civilians, and civil servants we will never forget!!! And to all the family members and friends who lost someone special on that day, ur loved ones will forever be in the hearts and thoughts of Americans. In remembrance of all the lost HEROES I am contributing today’s Crossfit WOD “Hero” workout to them.
    The “SEVEN” 7 rounds for time. COMPLETED: 62 minutes.
    7 Handstand push ups – police
    7 Thrusters 135lb – fire fighters
    7 Knees to elbows – service members
    7 Deadlifts 245lb – civilians
    7 Burpees – civil servants
    7 Kettlebell swings 70lb – family
    7 Pull ups – friends
    This Work out is pure hell but its nothing compared to the price the people above paid!!!!

  11. 29:27
    1abmat hspu, 115 thruster, 185 to 135 DL (back stinks), 53 KB (again with the back)

    Thank you for the reminder for everyone, Eric

  12. The Seven: 35:25 (65 thrusters, 135 DL, 35 KB)

  13. AdrienneF

    The Seven: 6 rounds in 35 min. Hspu with 2 mats + 10# plate, 55# thrusters, knees near elbows, 135# dl, 48# kb, rx burpees, banded pullups.

  14. 7’s “9/11 Tribute”: 6+14
    Modifications: (95# thrusters, 225# DL, push ups for HSPU)
    Finished 7th round post WOD.

    GBA and thank you to all that serve!

  15. The Seven: 5 +7 – 115# Thrusters & 225# Deads. 1 rep pr from Feb but had 20# more on the thrusters and deads. Added a abmat for the last 2 rounds.

  16. Nice work to everyone who goes after this one today. I’ll be doing it tomorrow evening since I need a mostly rest day today.

    Give it all you have, for those that no longer have that option.

  17. 31:23rx one of those days. 5 mins off my pr. If anyone finds my hspus let me know- I seem to have misplaced them.

    Still a great way to start the day though. Can never forget 9/11.

    • Sorry I took them from you pre WOD as a joke and forgot to give them back at 3-2-1-GO

  18. The Sevens: 4 rounds & 42 (115# thruster and kip to HS-rest Rx)
    Exact same number of reps (238) as March, but heavier (and all 7 movements). Way to much rest…one rep every 8.8 seconds. No excuses.

    Great day to reflect how fortunate we all are that so many sacrifice so much.

  19. The Seven: 5 rounds 34:31. 2 abmats, 35# thrusters and KB, 123# DLs. Easing back in, though not easy.

  20. Colleen (OC)

    5 rounds in 22:09. My back just gave out at the end of the 5th round.

    Scaling: I was all over the place on this one (as usual!!) 2 ab mats (although in my last round I used 1 ab mat and a 10# plate for reps 1-4 because that’s all that was there); 45# thrusters (this absolutely killed my back); 105# DL, ab mat sit ups instead of KBs (although there were no ab mats!) and K2E, pull ups and burpees Rx. Skipped thrusters on 5th round also.

    Never ever forget.

  21. The Seven – 38:50 Rx’d (PR)

    Rounds 4+ broke HSPU (5-2) / Thrusters (3-4) / Deads (5-2)

    Pre-CFNE time June 2010 of 45:39.

  22. The Sevens: 34:41, more than 3 mins faster than in March but inadvertently a bit more scaling. This time, 2 then 3 abmat HSPUs, 45# thrusters (should have done 50#), 103# then 85# deadlifts (85 because that’s what I could find loaded on the floor..quite humbling as I was using Katie and Heather’s thruster bar for my deadlifts!!) and 35# kb.

    And as other have said, a special day in our hearts forever.

  23. I want to thank the entire CFNE coaching staff, volunteers and judges who made the Garage Games such an unbelievable experience. I really enjoyed getting to know so many of the faces that I see periodically at CFNE. It was a tremendous experience that taught me many lessons. I want to especially thank Heather V and Big Mike from the 5:30 am MAYHEM for helping me to prep for the games and being such a great support system throughout.

    The Seven: 4 rnds + 7 DL 23:49 (2 ab mats, 105# thrusters, 225# DL, 53# KB)

    Had to bail on this workout because my arms/elbows were feeling really funky. Self preservation after Garage Games!

  24. The Seven: 6 + 7 95# thrusters, 185 DL, 70 KB

    3 reps Burpees, KBS, Jumpimg Pull-Ups

  25. The Seven: 32:13.

    115# Thrusters
    225# DL

    -Gut Check WOD!

  26. The sevens: 34:10 rx

  27. Ben Bergeron

    Sevens – 28:35

    I will never forget 9/11 – This is the day that changed my life forever. After the attack I quit my job in Boston working finance. I just couldn’t do another day without feeling like I was helping people in a more constructive way. I moved to Wyoming to reassess my life and decided to become a trainer. The rest is history.

    This day means a lot – never forget.

    • never knew that Ben. And you have made a mark on sooo many peoples lives in such positive ways…….

      You are living the dream and helping others to acheive theirs – nothing better than that:)!

    • Ben, I did not know that 9/11 was the impetus for you building this amazing community. Thank you for adjusting your life’s priorities in the wake of 9/11, so we could all change ours.

    • W O W

    • A good thing that came about from a horrible day.

    • Wow Ben..I didn’t know that story! Corporate world’s loss- our gain.

    • Very fortunate you found what you were looking for in Wyoming Ben. Big one’s there Ben — life is what we make of it. Thanks for sharing this gem w/ us.

    • That day changed your life, and you in turn have changed countless lives as a result. You rock, buddy!

    • Thanks for sharing your story.

    • Awesome, just awesome!

      The 6 minute pr you hit this morning was pretty cool too!

    • Colleen (c4!)

      9/11/01 was also on a Tuesday. The weather was very similar today, although colder this year. I was 39 weeks pregnant with my first kid and was so sad to think my child is going to enter a world so radically different than the one I currently knew. The American spirit and resilience is unstoppable and Eliot gets to see examples of that every day in small and large ways. God bless America!

    • Amazing story, Ben. No doubt you would have been successful at whatever profession you chose but the thought of you sitting at a desk crunching numbers…and the rest of us doing Zumba at the Globo Gym…ugg.

    • Eleven years ago I put my hands over my unborn child and wept with fear – filled with guilt that I was bringing him into a world that wasn’t safe…that, on that day, seemed permeated by hatred and violence. I could not imagine that the same events that stirred such grief and guilt would also motivate a man to change his life – and that 11 years later – that baby (Malik!) and my husband and I would all be that much better for it. Thank you, Ben. Thank you to each of you that makes a difference in someone’s life. My heart is filled with gratitude, and with wishes for peace for all of those who lost someone on 9/11.

  28. Heather V.

    Sevens: 5 rds + 24 (85# for thrusters, HSPU’s went from zero ab mats to 2 by rd 6)
    9/11 – A day to remember. I still remember exactly where I was when this horrible tragedy happened. Here is to victims, the survivors, and men and women who protect us every day. The firefighters, policemen, and our service men/women. Thank you!

  29. The Seven: 33:12. Did 7 rounds at: 105# deadlifts, started with 65# thrusters for first 3.5 rounds and then switched to nearby 45# bar (should have started somewhere in the middle), 35# kbs, started with 2 abmats and progressed to 3 for HSPU.

    This was my first WOD at CFNE after I graduated from Elements last March, so I HAD to make it today of all days. Last time I did 7 rounds of 4 reps with a lot more scaling. I had the honor of working out with the 8:30 class with great coaching from Ben and MDV. It reminds me of how grateful I am for all the sacrifices that have been made so that I have the luxury of tackling this WOD. Thank you.

  30. The 7’s: 31:45 Scaled
    (Push ups for HSPU, no burpee(wrist), 95#Thrusters, 175#DL, Jump Pull ups, Knees to as close to my elbows as my gut and ability allowed, 55# KB(where it came from I have no idea).

    Thanks Derek for the direction, was best to get 7 rounds and use lighter weights. Great coaching today.

    911 was an event that I can never forget. I lost two high school class mates on the planes. Always in my heart and prayers.

  31. The Seven: DNF 5 + 10 rx Fun sharing the bars w/ Ally B- she lapped me twice- so awesome, Ally! Ben- tks for the great help w/ the thrusters- what you were explaining finally sunk in- can’t wait to apply in next time.

    I’ll never forget 9/11. God Bless America.

  32. THE SEVENS: 34:13
    I actually think I scaled a bit too much and paced too slow but still almost barfed at the end:)!
    45# thrusters – prob a bit light b/c most unbroken or could have been unbroken but tried to not push it
    115# D: – this is the movement that slowed me down the most – it just was heavy and my back hurt and it got in my damn head EVERY round!
    35# KBS all unbroken – prob could go up but not sure I am mentally ready for that yet:)!
    HSPU – first 2 rounds ZERO abmats – last 5 rounds 1 abmat and mostly unbroken
    K2E – I think I found out I am pretty good at these – they felt pretty easy. WHo knew?

    Thanks to all that allow us to have the freedom today to do this WOD…… 11 Years ago today I was pregnant with my first child (she was born on sept 16) and I lied on the couch and cried b/c how could I bring a child in to this awful cruel world. I am blessed that we did and America has persevered. And I am glad that my children are growing up in a world that they can be free…. God Bless America!

  33. The Seven: 36:00 (scaled)

    So worth doing! Was feeling very sorry for myself this morning, but read the comments from the great CFNE community and was inspired to go in and sweat it out. Slower than my last one, but I got it done.

    Awe inspiring WoD on another beautiful day to mark a day we’ll never forget.

  34. The Seven: 5+3 ( 75# thrusters, 135# dL, 1 abmat hspu)

  35. Just signed up for the Masters Comp – game on!

    When will the WOds be posted so I can start stressing….I mean , training?

  36. The Seven: 34:22 started with 60# thrusters 3rds, then to 45# for 4rds, 115DL, 3 abmats, blue band pull ups, 35KBS

    Yesterday at Crossfit SOBO – Jackie 10:30 2:28PR row, thrusters RX red band pull ups

    • I am pretty sure your DL was 125# – didn’t you have 35# and 10# plates on each side?

  37. Nicole Z.

    The Sevens: 30:26

    (35#KB, 115#DL, 45#TH,no HSPU=wrist,
    no PU last 2 rounds=ripped hand,subbed sit
    ups….blah blah blah)

    Great WOD, great day to be at CFNE :)

  38. Sevens: 4 + 19 (1 to 2 abmat HSPU & 225 DL)

    I couldn’t get my head into it today.

  39. Sevens. 2 Abmat HSPU’s 95# thrusters, 175 DL’s, 53# KBS – 6 + 4. Thrusters simply drain me. Found doing squat cleans straight into thruster – 1 at a time – most effective for me in later rounds.

  40. The Seven:6+7 ,went 20# heavier on the thrusters(65#), DL 125, KTB 35, push ups from bench instead of HSPU. last time I did HRPU. Banded pull ups, a little slighter than las time(1/2″)
    If the time cap was the same then I improved, if it was 25 rather than 35 then I stayed about the same. But doing thrusters with that weight is a win for me

    May all those who die in 9/11/01 R.I.P, and thanks to all those who are still fighting for our freedom.God Bless America!!

  41. The Seven 5 plus 14
    a version of kip HSPU for almost 2 rds until they fell completely apart. 2 abmats for the rest
    44 KB, 65# thruster, 123 DL rest rx

    the good thing is that I was able to look back on the link to March when I posted last time we did The Seven. I took that info and went up in weight. Didn’t complete all rounds like last time but my goal is to get stronger so I am ok with it.

    I need to tell my husband NOT to tell me how hard a workout is when he comes back after the 5:30 class..not good mentally!

  42. The Sevens w/ Mel and the 1130 crew: 5 + 35 95# Thrusters/185# DL/ 46# KB

    59 more reps than when we did this back in Feb (I did not increase weight).

    Thanks for programming this today. Like many folks, I too feel strongly about remembering this day back in 2001. Remembering that there are those who still are threatened by the concept of freedom and individual liberties and very importantly remembering those we lost that day. These were not soldiers and warriors on a battlefield – these were Moms, Dads, children, and friends.

    I remember coming home and holding my wife and three children as if I had never held them before or as if I might not do so again. Over the course of the following weeks/months as I processed these events, I recall gaining a much better appreciation for “being in the moment” with whomever I am with at any moment. I gained a much greater understanding and appreciation of the freedoms I was so fortunately born with and those that I wish to be preserved and nurtured for my children, and one day for those born of my children.

    Tonight I will hold my wife again – and I will cherish the opportunity we have going over homework, zipping across town to soccer, crew, and baseball practices. After dinner my wife and our seven children will walk among the 3011 flags placed upon the town green this morning…and we will think of and pray for those who can’t walk with their Mom, Dad, children and friends tonight because of the actions taken by those who find our freedoms and liberties a significant threat.

    God bless all.

  43. The sevens – 26:13 Rx

    To all those down range still in harms way we suffer to honor your sacrifice

    God Bless and Never Forget

  44. “The Sevens” – 39:13 Rx’d. Would have liked to have finished in the time cap, but not totally unhappy as my HSPUs showed signs of improvement after 6 years. Go figure!

    Had to set up a “passing lane” for my WOD partner, KMontoya. Didn’t take him long to lap me. Nice job, buddy!

  45. denise sullivan

    love the story ben, all about my kids that day
    sevens: 30:31
    dl 115#
    kb 30#
    th 45#
    push ups
    pu’s, t2k, burp rx

  46. Kristin B

    Sevens: Ugh. Just didn’t have it today. Was surprised to see I made it through 6 + 42 according to my tally…wondering if I counted correctly.

    -75# thrusters for the first few rounds, then dropped to 55#.
    -Knees up
    -155# deadlifts
    -44# KB for the first few rounds, then dropped to 35#
    -first time kicking up for HSPUs (with 3 ab mats), so I guess that was a win! Tough day.

  47. The Seven: 4 + 40 #115, 1 abmat

  48. Colleen (c4!)

    The sevens 28:33
    65# thrusters, 125# DLs, 35# KBs, 2 ab mats

    I did this WOD thinking about how to survive and it worked for me to think about doing 343 movements in 30 minutes. I feared I’d go out too fast with all these little sevens in my head.

    Did a track workout at 9am (and thought about 9/11)
    Four quarter mile sprints. 1:26, 1:23, 1:27, 1:26 with a quarter mile recovery tween each. 4 miles total running.

  49. The Seven: 5 + 32 (35 minutes), with the following adjustments:

    HSPU: 3 abmats (felt really strong, it may be time to take one away!)
    Thrusters: 45# (a bit too light)
    KTE: Unbroken
    DL: 95#
    KB: 35# (all sets unbroken)
    PU: All kips and only had to rest during final 2 sets

    This WOD scared me, but I am really glad I did it. Instead of being all crazy about it (yes, that’s a technical term), I approached it rather calmly and just dug in. I tried to welcome each movement as a nice break from the one before it. I’d love to do this WOD with no time cap sometime…or maybe next time I will do the same weights but finish it under 35 minutes. I can’t believe how far I’ve come in less than 6 months, and can’t wait to see where I am next time this one comes up.

    This is what I needed today. I heart NY.

  50. The Seven – I’m completely wasted. I actually had to lie down when I got back to my home office. This is the first time I’ve done this WOD and I think it’s the toughest yet. I ran out of time and was on my 5th thruster in the 7th set when the clock reached the 35 minute cutoff time. I did it scaled with 95# thrusters, 185# deadlifts for the first four sets and 135# deadlifts for the last two sets, 53# KBs, and half HSPUs (w/ three abmats) and some pushups (first time ever doing these).

    Interestingly, I was staring at the bar in the 5th round, completely exhausted, wondering how I’d clean it to even get one thruster, much less seven, when I thought of all those firefighters climbing flight after flight of stairs in the twin towers 11 years ago today. I walked up to the bar, cleaned it, and knocked out five thrusters in a row, then finished with two more, before knocking out seven knees to elbows unbroken. The thought of those guys giving everything gave me the determination to keep going.

    Never forget.


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