Thursday 9.6.12



1. Deadlift
5 Rep Max

2. “Puck’s Potion”
18-15-12-9-6-3 Reps:
Pull Ups
Medball Cleans (20,14)

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Aaron cannot contain his excitement for Champagne Friday! Join us for a BBQ, adult beverages and Garage Games set up, this Friday after the 12:30 class.

Self Defense Seminar – Check out Ben’s interview with Tony

Where: CFNE
When: Saturday September 15th
Time: 10am to 5pm
Registration: Registration LINK
What to expect: This workshop is for anyone and everyone…. It’s not a ‘fighting’ course, it’s about real world safety and how to defend yourself during a real attack. The skills Mr. Blauer teaches are functional and natural. Every CrossFit athlete should know them. This information is very important and we want there to be a great turnout.  As leaders in the region, please spread the word amongst your athletes. This one-day seminar could save some one’s life!  At a minimum it creates greater awareness, which will reduce fear and anxiety. We’re excited to offer this seminar. As a community we offer so much education from general fitness, to specialized skills and nutrition, a missing component in our preparation for the ‘unknown and the unknowable’ is confrontation management and Tony is a pioneer in this realm.
Here’s what SME Kelly Starrett had to say about combatives:
Check out the BTS highlights video from a seminar at CrossFit BrandX:
And here is a link to all Tony’s contributions to the CrossFit community:

My Weekend at Tony Blauer’s Tactical Combatives Camp – The Meanest Momma.
“Modern Wheat a “perfect, chronic poison” doctors say”
CBS News September 3rd 2012
Summary: Wheat is the root cause behind obesity and disease.
Full Story: HERE

Garage Games Info

Final WOD on Sunday
Top 10 Men and Women in the RX division will compete in the final workout. The weights will be 115 for males and 85 for females.


Movement and Judging Standards
In case you missed it, HERE is the link to the movement standards. Athletes and Judges please familiarize yourself with each workout.


Saturday Schedule
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Saturday Heat Schedule
Make note your heat might change from morning to afternoon. Be sure to check both times HERE


Sunday Heat Schedule