Watch out for Rasheed at the Garage Games. He’s new to the competition scene but is a strong contender for a podium finish

1. Bench
3 Rep Max

2. “Screw Ball”
8 Rounds for Time:
8 Wall Balls (20,14)
8 Burpee Box Jumps (20″)

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Noon Classes Back to 11:30 and 12:30 starting TODAY!!

Garage Games Weekend Schedule
Friday Sept 7th – No night class
Sat and Sun – No classes

Game Day Nutrition

Athletes constantly ask what they should eat on Game Day. To help answer their question, some of CFNE’s Games athletes have weighed in on the subject with their personal nutrition regimens.

Lisa 8

– Prefers small meals of protein and carbohydrates. Too much food can cause cramping or nausea.
– Brings options to ensure there will be something she’ll be able to stomach. Lara bars, Polito bars, chicken, eggs, mango and protein powder.
– Typical pre WOD meal: 1 egg and part of a protein shake mixed with fruit.
– Post WOD: Finish shake.
– Between workouts: 1.5 hours pre WOD 2, small salad with lean protein.
– Hydrates with Ultima two weeks before event and day of

– Just carbs and protein like chicken with grapes or watermelon

– Does not introduce anything new
– Eats smaller meals, 1.5 hours before WOD
– Eats carbs and protein
– Protein shake if feeling queezy after a WOD
– Hydrates with water and stays in the shade

– Breakfast is a must. Consists of eggs, sweet pots and maybe an avocado
– Pre WOD: Fuel For Fire and a coconut water if it’s hot
– Post WOD: Fuel For Fire and some protein or BCAA’s

– Basic: protein and carbs, like chicken and an apple
– Snacks throughout the competition, no full meals until day’s event is over

– Pre wod about 2 hours prior: 2 scrambled eggs, 1/2 sweet potato
– Post wod: Protein shake, 1/2 apple or 1/2 sweet potato
– Second Pre wod/snack: Fuel For Fire
– Lots of hydration days leading up to the competition.
– Keep it simple and easily digestible.
– Not the time to introduce anything new to diet.

– Pre WOD: Scrambled egg and a Fuel For Fire
– Post WOD: Scrambled egg and a Fuel For Fire
– Simple and no solid foods.
– First real meal is at night after the day’s events are over

Each athlete chose a lean protein for muscle repair and recovery. Plus a high glycemic carbohydrate (fruit and/or sweet potatoes) to replenish glycogen stores. Fat’s primary roll is satiety and is not necessary or can make you feel sluggish on Game Day.

So, when you pack your cooler for the Garage Games this weekend, have in mind Ben, Lisa and Derek’s routines but be sure to choose proteins and carbs that work for you. And most importantly, nothing new should be introduced to your diet. Stick with what you know.