Wednesday 9.5.12

Watch out for Rasheed at the Garage Games. He’s new to the competition scene but is a strong contender for a podium finish

1. Bench
3 Rep Max

2. “Screw Ball”
8 Rounds for Time:
8 Wall Balls (20,14)
8 Burpee Box Jumps (20″)

Post Scores to Comments.




Noon Classes Back to 11:30 and 12:30 starting TODAY!!

Garage Games Weekend Schedule
Friday Sept 7th – No night class
Sat and Sun – No classes

Game Day Nutrition

Athletes constantly ask what they should eat on Game Day. To help answer their question, some of CFNE’s Games athletes have weighed in on the subject with their personal nutrition regimens.

Lisa 8

– Prefers small meals of protein and carbohydrates. Too much food can cause cramping or nausea.
– Brings options to ensure there will be something she’ll be able to stomach. Lara bars, Polito bars, chicken, eggs, mango and protein powder.
– Typical pre WOD meal: 1 egg and part of a protein shake mixed with fruit.
– Post WOD: Finish shake.
– Between workouts: 1.5 hours pre WOD 2, small salad with lean protein.
– Hydrates with Ultima two weeks before event and day of

– Just carbs and protein like chicken with grapes or watermelon

– Does not introduce anything new
– Eats smaller meals, 1.5 hours before WOD
– Eats carbs and protein
– Protein shake if feeling queezy after a WOD
– Hydrates with water and stays in the shade

– Breakfast is a must. Consists of eggs, sweet pots and maybe an avocado
– Pre WOD: Fuel For Fire and a coconut water if it’s hot
– Post WOD: Fuel For Fire and some protein or BCAA’s

– Basic: protein and carbs, like chicken and an apple
– Snacks throughout the competition, no full meals until day’s event is over

– Pre wod about 2 hours prior: 2 scrambled eggs, 1/2 sweet potato
– Post wod: Protein shake, 1/2 apple or 1/2 sweet potato
– Second Pre wod/snack: Fuel For Fire
– Lots of hydration days leading up to the competition.
– Keep it simple and easily digestible.
– Not the time to introduce anything new to diet.

– Pre WOD: Scrambled egg and a Fuel For Fire
– Post WOD: Scrambled egg and a Fuel For Fire
– Simple and no solid foods.
– First real meal is at night after the day’s events are over

Each athlete chose a lean protein for muscle repair and recovery. Plus a high glycemic carbohydrate (fruit and/or sweet potatoes) to replenish glycogen stores. Fat’s primary roll is satiety and is not necessary or can make you feel sluggish on Game Day.

So, when you pack your cooler for the Garage Games this weekend, have in mind Ben, Lisa and Derek’s routines but be sure to choose proteins and carbs that work for you. And most importantly, nothing new should be introduced to your diet. Stick with what you know.



  1. I left a watch at the box Monday. It has a black rubber band and a digital face. I left it on the Yoke (spelling) by the office. If anyone found it, please let me know. Thanks

  2. No pressure Rasheed ;-)

  3. Hey guys! At the end of the month, I will be participating in an event called “The Smithfest Hunt”. It is an “amazing race” style scavenger hunt through Lowell, MA and the proceeds go to benefit 5 pretty cool charities (including a couple that are near and dear to my heart). The race is sure to make us complete some crazy, messy, and silly challenges all day long.

    We need to raise at least $500 in order to compete. Any donations no matter how small would be greatly appreciated! You can donate to my team “The Bad Idea Bears” here:

    Thanks for your support! This is such a great community :)

  4. 3 rep max Bench. 225#
    Screw Ball. 10.02 (@30#WB…don’t be last to get your WB) Stepping into the burpees really makes a difference.

    Thanks for the diet info on the post.

    • Hey Chad, if you are around, could you please clarify what “stepping into the burpees” means?

      • think Chad means popping up with feet wide out near hands, where if you are close enough to the box to start (my head was actually bumping and moving box)you can jump onto box from burpee stand position without having to take an extra step between burpee and box jump.

        not sure I could do the same with a 24″ box because jump starts further away from the box than a standard box jump.

        hope one of the coaches chime in to confirm or correct.

      • That too, but I was watching McNinja as I was getting exhausted and instead of bounding both feet back to push up position he was methodically stepping one leg back, then the other, then back up. Less exhausting way of doing burpees, or at least it felt that way to me and could just be a Jedi mind trick.

        • Haha… I do that out of self-preservation… didn’t know it was a solid game plan! ;-) Great job Chad!

        • thank you Chad. interesting. was it one leg at a time on the way up?

          based on your time (vs my time), think i will try this next time.

  5. Bench 3RM — 205 needed some help on that last rep — Great working w/ Bob, Chris, Kevin at the rack

    Screw Ball 10:59 14# WB — I must have been 2nd to last to WBs in front of Chad…

    Have a great day all. I am west coast rest of week – one less body at the 0530.

  6. 3 rep bench – 155# (failed at 165#, should have gone to 160# instead)

    Screw Ball – 9:20 (30# WB to target, regular burpees)

    Heel is junk right now (need to get it checked and get on a rehab plan finally) so scaled up wall balls to make up for scaling down BBJ’s.

  7. Yeah Rasheed! From Bumble Bee to Garage Games. At some point you will see/hear me as I will be next to Malik with words of encouragement during the weekend. Enjoy.

  8. Mike Dunleavy


  9. 3 Rep Max: 230 (30# Post Surgery PR)

    Screw Ball: 10:10 Rx.

  10. 3 rep max: 100
    Screw Ball: 11:13 (10# ball)

  11. 3RM: 215#,225#(f).

    Screw Ball:6:36Rx.

  12. Bench press 3RM: 165#

    Screw Ball: 12:02 Rx

    Psyched to post that Screw Ball metcon time right underneath Kevin C. He could’ve (almost) done it twice! Awesome performance.

  13. Bench 275, 300×2
    Wod -11:25 (30#wb, 30in box)

  14. To clarify on my comment above regarding game day nutrition, the “real food just carbs and protein” refers to times when there are at least 2 hours between wods. I always do about 20g whey protein (about half of what I would take post wod on a regular training day whe. I am not doing anything after), plus some sweet pots, or fuel for fire. I actually really like FFF immediately post wod. That said, with 2 hours or more between wods, I like some real food as mentioned above- but just a little- never enough to feel full. Hope this helps.

    If any of our GG athletes have questions heading into the weekend, email me at

    Hockey coaching duties mean I can’t make it on saturday, but I’ll be there on Sunday.

    Good luck, guys!

  15. Random question…I need a babysitter for a few hours tomorrow night (Thursday). Can anyone do it? I live in Sudbury near the Framingham line. Mail me at scolket [at] Thanks!

  16. 3RM Bench – 185 # (failed on third rep at 195)
    Screw Ball – 12:42 (16# wall ball)

    ran out of 20# WB and went with 16#. amazing how much difference 4# lighter makes. cant imagine scaling up to 30#.

  17. 3RM: 155#,175#(2 reps)
    Screw Ball: 9:00 Rx

  18. Colleen (OC)

    3 rep bench: 82#, which I think is PR. Thanks Amy for wiping up all of the excess sweat on the bench!

    Screw ball: 12:40, with a 12# ball to the 9′ line. That was just plain awful! I thought I might die. My face did not turn back to it’s normal color for well over an hour afterwards!

  19. 3 RM Bench: 180#
    screwball: 9:38

  20. 3RM Bench – 225# (10# PR)
    Screwball – 8:53 Rx’d

  21. GG (Scaled Division) Practice:

    Floater – 1:24

    Aptly named WOD to do today. Thanks to Big Mike for the judging.

  22. Bench: 90#

    Screwball: 14: 55 (9′ target, 18″ box)

    Anything with eight rounds is intimidating.

  23. Bench: 145# PR
    Screwball: 14:29 Rx (1st wod with 20# WB)

  24. Bench 225 (2) couldnt get the last 1/2 rep.
    Screwball: 8:24 RX’d

  25. AdrienneF

    Bench 95#
    Screwball 13:51 rx. After two rounds I was seriously questioning if I could finish. Feed that dog of courage! Tara working next to me kept me going.

    • Colleen (OC)

      I felt the same way Adrienne- and I hadn’t felt that in a LONG time. Definitely had to feed that dog this morning! (I kept telling myself to take it one rep at a time and I got through it!)

  26. Bench 65#
    Screwball 7:32 (5 rounds and 8# wall ball)

  27. Bench: 225#

    Screwball: 11:14 8 rounds 5 reps scaled

  28. Bench 75#
    Screwball 12:54 (I think) 10#WB and step ups

  29. Bench : 205# 1, 185# 3
    Screwball: 12:06 Rx

  30. Bench: 165#X3, 175#X2
    Screwball: 11:13 16# ball, step-ups

  31. Bench- 215# x3
    Screwball- 9:45 Rx’d

  32. Bench: 105#
    Screwball: 10:40, 10# WB, step-ups. One of these days I’ll get my courage up to grab a bigger ball.

    Kevin, great job managing that packed 9:30 class!

  33. Colleen (C4!)

    Bench: 105# x 3. (115# x 3 although I think Tracy’s brother lied when he said he didn’t put any weight in his fingers on a faux assist.)

    Screwball 9:58 Rx. That floor was slippery! I walked up the box for a couple fearing a face plant. Can we do this again on a dry day?

  34. Bench: 75# but failed on last rep
    Screwball: 11:04 with 8# wb and 10 burpees per round, no box jumps (sore knee).

  35. Bench3RM- 200# kept it tight and smooth. Good day.
    Screwball- 13:22 psyched WB unbroken and deep. Better BBJ next time. Work range of motion/wide feet to practice… not just gonna happen.
    3/4 mile run with Will N. and some hanging knee lifts 10-7 (want all those Toes to whatever to rock!!!).

    Shine on!

  36. Bench 130×3
    screwball 12:31RX

  37. Bench 95#x2- failed last Rep.

    Screwball: 12:25 rx

  38. Bench press 3RM: 250#

    Screw Ball: 9:22 Rx – felt like 30 minutes! – one of those days…

    Great class Mel and Kevin!!

  39. Bench 100
    Screwball as AMRAP 6 5 round even rx
    GG practice/jackie prep

    8:30 was hot and hopping- such a fun start of the day for me with my kids first day back at school!

  40. MA Jennifer

    Bench: 130×3

    Screwball: 10:48 w/step ups
    *Thanks for being such a gentleman and taking the window zone for the wallballs for me Eric. ;-)

  41. Bench – 155×3
    Screwball – 10:06 Rx

  42. Bench 90 x 3 (that was my previous 1 RM)
    New 1RM 95# (failed at second one….next time!) Happy b/c I had been stuck at 90#!!!

    Screwball: 11:something – I forgot!!!! Low number though
    10# WB and 9 ft target
    WB are my biggest goat…well, after rowing, and I decided to go lighter and do a 9 ft target and I did a lot rounds unbroken – I am not sure I have ever done more than 2 strung together without it hitting me in the nose – def good move to go for lower weight, lower target and get the hang of it!! GOOD DAY today!

    THanks for the tips Mel and Kevin

  43. Bench: 215×3
    Screwball: 9:30 RX

  44. 205#

    11:42 – 30# WB – I now realise why there was such a rush for wallballs . Schoolboy error on my part not getting one of the 20s.

  45. Ben Bergeron

    Bench 245 x 3
    ScrewBall 7:28 Rx

    What a crazy morning at CFNE. Most classes had 30+ athletes and the “small” classes had 20+. Thank you to everyone for your commitment and patience.

    We are working hard on getting a bigger space, but in the meantime we have doubled up our coaches on every class and brought Kevin Montoya on full time.

    Good things are happen’ at CFNE – glad we can share the experience with all you.

  46. Cody Annino

    Screwball: 8:35 Rx’d…. much harder than it looked.

  47. Bench: 80×3(previous 1RM). Tried 85# and failed th esecond rep. 5# PR on 1RM. I’ll take it.

    Screw Balls: 15:38 with 14# to 9′
    WB not so bad, did mostly straight sets until round 6 or 7. The burpees and box jumps killed me.
    Disclaimer: My shirt says “I’m a box jumper” but not a burpee box jumper :-)

  48. hi all – going to be in nantucket for the weekend for a wedding. anyone know of a box there? i just did a quick search and couldn’t find anything… i may be doing some travel wods on my own but would love to see if there is a box. let me know! thanks!

    • Nantucket fitness has maybe 1 class a day… The classes are at the krav maga studio location out by the airport. Not sure if they have any weekend classes. But if you go to the their site it has the schedule.

    • Colleen (OC)

      If you google “travel WODs” a bunch of sites come up with a ton of suggestions for travel WODs. Hand stands on the beach are a must!

  49. Bench: 130×3 (PR)

    screw ball: 13:30. slow today….almost quit. Actually did quit after round 7 for about a minute or more and then went back at it to complete the last round.
    Did 14# WB, but, only did about half the box jumps as jumps, the rest I did a burpee and a step-up. This workout was really hard for me and I found myself needing to rest a lot.


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