Wednesday 9.5.12

Watch out for Rasheed at the Garage Games. He’s new to the competition scene but is a strong contender for a podium finish

1. Bench
3 Rep Max

2. “Screw Ball”
8 Rounds for Time:
8 Wall Balls (20,14)
8 Burpee Box Jumps (20″)

Post Scores to Comments.




Noon Classes Back to 11:30 and 12:30 starting TODAY!!

Garage Games Weekend Schedule
Friday Sept 7th – No night class
Sat and Sun – No classes

Game Day Nutrition

Athletes constantly ask what they should eat on Game Day. To help answer their question, some of CFNE’s Games athletes have weighed in on the subject with their personal nutrition regimens.

Lisa 8

– Prefers small meals of protein and carbohydrates. Too much food can cause cramping or nausea.
– Brings options to ensure there will be something she’ll be able to stomach. Lara bars, Polito bars, chicken, eggs, mango and protein powder.
– Typical pre WOD meal: 1 egg and part of a protein shake mixed with fruit.
– Post WOD: Finish shake.
– Between workouts: 1.5 hours pre WOD 2, small salad with lean protein.
– Hydrates with Ultima two weeks before event and day of

– Just carbs and protein like chicken with grapes or watermelon

– Does not introduce anything new
– Eats smaller meals, 1.5 hours before WOD
– Eats carbs and protein
– Protein shake if feeling queezy after a WOD
– Hydrates with water and stays in the shade

– Breakfast is a must. Consists of eggs, sweet pots and maybe an avocado
– Pre WOD: Fuel For Fire and a coconut water if it’s hot
– Post WOD: Fuel For Fire and some protein or BCAA’s

– Basic: protein and carbs, like chicken and an apple
– Snacks throughout the competition, no full meals until day’s event is over

– Pre wod about 2 hours prior: 2 scrambled eggs, 1/2 sweet potato
– Post wod: Protein shake, 1/2 apple or 1/2 sweet potato
– Second Pre wod/snack: Fuel For Fire
– Lots of hydration days leading up to the competition.
– Keep it simple and easily digestible.
– Not the time to introduce anything new to diet.

– Pre WOD: Scrambled egg and a Fuel For Fire
– Post WOD: Scrambled egg and a Fuel For Fire
– Simple and no solid foods.
– First real meal is at night after the day’s events are over

Each athlete chose a lean protein for muscle repair and recovery. Plus a high glycemic carbohydrate (fruit and/or sweet potatoes) to replenish glycogen stores. Fat’s primary roll is satiety and is not necessary or can make you feel sluggish on Game Day.

So, when you pack your cooler for the Garage Games this weekend, have in mind Ben, Lisa and Derek’s routines but be sure to choose proteins and carbs that work for you. And most importantly, nothing new should be introduced to your diet. Stick with what you know.



  1. Today I did a Garage Games walk through at 80%. I covered Jackie, BS/HSPU, Floater, and Quest. Had plenty left to do the last two, but my quad started tweaking out so I quit while I was ahead. I also threw the bench with class into the mix and had a 3RM PR @ 255.

    Very strong effort by Andy on the bench!

    I finished up with 25 minutes of mobility. Can’t wait for this weekend!

  2. 3 RM Bench: 90#
    Screw Ball: 15:25, No Med Balls at school, so I did 25# Goblet Style DB Thrusters

  3. Bench 225 x3 (235×2 failed)
    Screw ball
    10:50 RX…OUCH! That was brutal

  4. PatSmulligan

    Bench 265×2

    8 RFT
    4 kipping HSPUs (nursing injury)
    8 burpee box jumps

  5. Check out this cool interview Ben did with Tony Blauer:

    If you haven’t signed up for his seminar on Sept 15th, do it. Seriously. You will look at your life, your WODs, your and your families’ safety, etc from a different perspective. Mr Blauer is a fantastic coach and I wish everyone would take advantage of him being at CFNE. Even if you don’t think you need to learn self-defense (and frankly, everyone should know the basics of defending themselves and their loved ones if necessary), then you will still have major takeaways, from learning about avoiding and diffusing confrontations, to understanding the mental game of managing fear and inaction (whether facing a scary WOD or an approaching attacker). Plus, Tony is a really charismatic and engaging presenter, so frankly it’s fun to spend a day with him. (And he swears alot, which you know I like :). I’m happy to answer any questions about my experience last Spring email

  6. Not a member of CFNE but don’t have an affiliate anywhere near me, so I follow of the programming here and love it!

    Bench-275# 3rm
    Screwball 11:30rx

  7. Bench – 205# X 3 (failed 215#)

    “Screw Ball” – 9:37 Rx’d

  8. 1. 3RM bench 275
    2. WOD – 8:27rx

  9. Kristin B

    3RM Bench: 115#. Previous 1RM was 105#. Yay!

    Screw Ball: 12:43 Gross.

  10. 3RM Bench: 122# got 125# up 2 times failed the third.

    Screw Ball: 10:16

  11. Bench 95×3
    screw ball- 10:40 10#WB-to blue.
    This sucked and so did my WB’s.

  12. Bench: 255×2 failed on 3rd rep.
    Screw ball: 10:15 Rx.

  13. Snatch 103×1, 95×2
    Clean & jerk 133×1, 113×2
    Front squat 163x2x2

    Home stretch… Mobility and light barbell work tomorrow, hockey game on Friday, then competition on Saturday! Eeeeeee!!!!

  14. Bench 250 x 3
    Screw Ball – 11:06 Rx

  15. Christian

    Bench 2×2 at 185# (one of my weakest lifts)

    Screwball 10:34 (from round 4 on did step ups with burpee box jumps. I don’t know if it slowed me down or not but it certainly helped me pace the WOD better)

    I figured out today I’ve been benching wrong the entirety of the time I’ve been performing the lift. I’m all arm and shoulder– barely usingy chest. Looking forward to uppingy numbers once I get the hang of the scapular “pencil pinch” thing

    Loved the workout today cuz it focused on two things I’m awful at- bench press and wall balls. 2nd time doing WBs in two months, all sets UB and more importantly pain free!

  16. 205 x 2 bp
    Sb 10:26? I think

  17. Bench: 72# x 3 (failed on rep #2 of 75)
    Screwball: 11:59 Rx in weight, though had a hard time hitting that 10 foot mark and worked in some step ups for those burpee box jumps.

    Thanks for a great class Mel and Geoff!

  18. Bench: 95# (5# pr) still not great but felt like I made some improvements tonight. Thanks, Ali!

    Screwball: 15:00 rx WODs this week haven’t had great times but done rx so I’ll take it

  19. Modified for a t-rex tendonitis arm:

    3×3 DL 105#
    Screwball: 5:33, holding medball (14#, then 20#, then 30#… thanks Doole!) and 24″ box jumps (no burpee)

  20. Screwball: 13:27 RXish… 14# to 9′

  21. Bench: 100. Failed at 105
    Screwball: 15:05 I think, 10# WB to the lower line

    Kind of nursing a sore shoulder so didn’t want to push it on the WB weight.

    Great crew tonight at 6:30. Love these people.

  22. Bench 135. Only 2 at 145.

    Screwball 10:38 12WB

    Killer Wod

  23. *Two* fine athletes in the foreground of that top pic. :)

  24. Bench 225# x 3

    WOD: 7:20 rx

  25. Andrew G.

    Screwball- 8:20 RX, Still chasing Paul…

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