Friday 8.31.12

Liz cheers on Deb during the 300 meter sprints

1. Snatch
8 x 1 rep on the minute at 80%

2. Clean and Jerk
8 x 1 rep on the minute at 80%

3. Cash Out
200m Prowler Push (45#/empty) for time:

Post Scores to Comments.

Laura H

Labor Day Weekend
Regular Saturday and Sunday schedule. Monday Open Gym from 9-11am.

Champagne Friday!
Friday September 7th will be “Champagne Friday” After the Nooner on Friday, we will BBQ and have adult beverages. THEN, we’re going to set up for the Garage Games. The more the merrier and the easier/faster the set up. Bring a grillable and/or a side dish and your favorite post WOD beverage and let’s make an afternoon of it!


Wednesday 8.29.12

So nice!

This warm weather isn’t going to last forever. So go outside and run around!

Running up a sand dune is a great workout. Give it a try!