Garage Games Events



1.  “Jackie”
1000m Row
50 Thrusters, 45#
30 Pull ups
Scaled Division – No Scaling.  Same weight for men and women.
Time Cap – 11 Minutes

2.  “Back Squat/HSPU”
1 Round for time:
25 Back Squats 225/155 (from a rack)
25 Handstand Push ups (kipping allowed)
Scaled Division – Back Squats 185/115, HSPU – 1/2 Abmats
Time Cap – 5 Minutes

1.  “Floater”
1 RFT:
5 Dead Lifts (315, 225)
300 yard Shuttle (25 yrds out and back x 6)
Scaled Division – Deads 225, 135
Time Cap – 2 Minutes


1.  “Quest”
1300m Run with hills
800m Run with hills with bumper plate 45, 25
1300m Run with hills
Scaled Division – No Scaling.  Same weight for men and women.
Time Cap – 30 Minutes

2.  “AMRAP 4″
2 Power Cleans (185, 135)
2 Front Squats (185, 135)
2 Shoulder to Overhead (185, 135)
Scaled Division – men 135, women 95
Time Cap: 4 minutes

CUT TO TOP 10 MALE and FEMALE for RX Division

3.  “FINALS”
15-12-9-6-3 reps for time of:
Power Snatch 115/85
Barbell Burpees
Scaling:  No Scaling
Time Cap:  16 minutes
There will be videos released later this week which will explain the wods in greater detail.
Heat assignments will be posted later this week.
Good luck to all the competitors and thank you to all the volunteers.


  1. YeeEeeHAAawwwwwww!

  2. Heather V.


  3. These workouts look great! Can’t wait! Thank you in advance to Ben and CFNE for opening your facility to what will surely be another great competition!

  4. I’m SO pissed I can’t do this!

  5. The Crappy Crossfitter

    Jackie? Seriously? Ahhhhhh. Well at least the running will be fun!!!!

  6. Yeahhhhhhhhhh!

    Love it, can’t wait

  7. if we signed up for Rx for this but need to drop to scaled, who do we contact?

  8. Skeptical

    I’m a little confused here because, as far as I can tell, the movements and weights for the scaled division are well above the previously described scaled division requirements. I signed up for the scaled division after reading the initial description, feeling confident that I could at least complete the workouts, but now am worried that it will just be embarrassing… Is there really no scaling for the pull-ups, for example? If nothing else, the expectations placed upon scaled division participants seem way higher than I’ve seen at other Garage Games…

    • Ben Bergeron

      Skeptical and others who find the scaled division too difficult…

      Can you row? You get a score for completing 1000m.
      Can you do a 45# thruster? You get a score for every rep that you complete.
      Can you do a pull up? No. Well maybe this will be the day you get your first. Throw your hat into the ring and see what you can do. Or you could sell yourself short and give up two weeks before the event even starts. Your call.
      If you don’t get a pull up on game day, you will be scored on the reps that you were able to complete inside the 11 minute time cap.

      I am sorry that you felt mislead. That certainly was not our intention. Could you please let me know where you saw the “initial description” of what the scaled requirements were.

      • CF Newbie

        The scaled description was listed on the registration form on the Garage Games site. It stated that women should be able to clean and jerk 80#. I am not sure what the men’s was listed as.

        • Ben Bergeron

          Thanks CF Newbie.

          Again, I am sorry for the confusion, but I didn’t post any scaling requirements/expectations. I talked with the folks at Garage Games Head Quarters, and they aren’t familiar with any scaling requirements being posted for this event either.

          I’m not saying they weren’t posted – only sorry for the confusion.

          Having said that, join in the fun. Part of why we compete is to get outside your comfort zone, be scared, and still have fun.

    • Heather Bergeron

      The same sort of situations came up in the Open last year: movements and weight were programmed that people had never previously done or believed they could do. But, when game day came up, they surprised themselves with what they were capable of. That’s one of the coolest things about competition: putting yourself out there and realizing that you’ve got more than you thought you had. And, even if all of that doesn’t play out for you, I would like to think that you still come out of it even more motivated and inspired, having met even more awesome people, got closer to people you didn’t know as well, and if nothing else…you got fitter with a whole bunch of more people to keep you distracted.

      The stories I remember from all of these years of competitions are of the people who met their limits and tried to break them. People that were in your very same shoes. Those are the people that the entire crowd rallies for. That’s the stuff that, literally, brings us to tears and changes us for the better.

  9. CF Newbie

    I have competed at other Garage Games in the scaled division as this is my first few months doing CF. I met the scaled division requirements stated but cannot do an unassisted pullup or HSPU. Is there any way to get my money back now that I know that this scaled division is prohibitively difficult for beginners? Thanks!

    • It’s a scaled division NOT a beginners division. If you have only been doing CF for a couple of months you should be doing new fitter comps. This event is even called The New England Firebreather Festival! What were you expecting?

      Good job Ben on making this competition legit EVEN for those of us doing scaled.

  10. Another newbie

    I’m glad I’m not the only one thinking this of the scaled division. I went scaled specifically because I knew I couldn’t compete in the Rx, but now there doesn’t seem to be any way to compete in the scaled. I’m extremely concerned and confused as well.

  11. Mike G.

    Who do I contact about moving up from scaled to Rx?

  12. Will Schuerman

    I have been doing crossfit for about a month and a half but have been working out for a few years and I’m very SATISFIED with the scaled weights. I’m not big/strong enough to do some of the RX lifts but am able to complete the scaled lifts/WODS… Good job with the WODS and looking forward to Jackie on day 1 and the run on day 2!

  13. skeptical, newbie, et al….

    dont pull out now! do the best you can. I distinctly remember being at the CROSSFIT GAMES more than once seeing athletes frustrated as hell because they couldnt do a movement – Annie T at the 09 games with muscle ups, multiple athletes hitting failire on HSPUs this year….

    If it happens there, to the best athletes in the world, why should it be a big deal if it happens to you at Garage Games. Challenge yourself and do your best, and I PROMISE you that you wont regret it.

    • Tiffany

      Well said Derek! We have a handful of members from our gym going scaled, and although nervous, they are excited to take on this challenge. Thanks to CFNE for always being great hosts! Go get’em everyone!

    • So true Derek.
      Remember Rich Froning in 2010 with the rope climbs?

  14. This will be my first big throwdown like many here (having only done a NewFitter one in Feb), and even though the scaled WODs seem more challenging than expected, I’m really excited for this event! Thanks to CFNE for putting this event on and I’m looking forward to tackle those WODs as best I can! Good luck and have fun, everyone!

  15. I have to admit I like what Heather, and Derek. This isn’t about trying to come out and win, its about pushig yourself and seeing what your capable of. Truth be told day 2 will probably break depending on how my body recovers from Day 1, but I won’t know til I do it. Embarrassing is quiting after you have set your goal to compete. Pushing yourself to the point where you can’t go any further is reaching your goal and then knowing where to set your new one!!! This will be my first one is and I’m fired up.

    On another note who can I talk with about times for the weekend? Would that be Ben?

  16. Just watched the standards videos for the WODs. Thanks for posting!! I have questions tho. Is this the best place to ask? Is kipping okay on HSPU – Ben mentioned only feet can touch the wall but in a kip your butt touches the wall at the bottom. Legit? Also is it okay to drop the bar between movements in the AMRAP 4?

    • Ben Bergeron

      Kipping HSPU are good to go and you butt can touch at the bottom. Only heels at the top.

      AMRAP4 – bombs away, drop as much as you like.

  17. Angela Przymusik

    wods are sick! great balance with strength and metcons!
    itll be a fun weekend!

  18. Question on the Quest WOD. I says “800m Run with hills with bumper plate 45, 25″ but then also “no scaling-same weight for men and women”. So are the women using 25# or 45#?

    • I believe that “no scaling” refers to the Rx versus scaled division. All men regardless of division will use a 45# plate and all women will use a 25# plate.

  19. This will be my second GG after doing CF for one year @ CF Hingham. To all of you worried about not completing scaled WODS and weights being too heavy…I’m with you..I am a scaled athlete through and through but like Ben and others have said…Challenge Yourself!!…it’s CROSSFIT!! You may just get that first real PU or like me you just may get that FIRST HSPU…like our Head Trainer, Eric Magee has said “you’re not going to die :-)”..we won’t let you…. Don’t Quit or back out….throw down and like a good CF community, we’ll all be cheering you on!!

  20. Marc Cormier

    Well said Barry! How do you know what your limits are unless you test them? And what better time to test those limits then in the heat of a competition when you are amped up and the adrenaline is flowing and everyone in the crowd is cheering you on! I have placed near or at the bottom in the competitions that I have done but I keep coming back for more cause it’s fun and you never know what the outcome will be. Thanks CFNE for holding this competition! See you all there!


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