Monday 8.20.12

Light weight

1. Back Box Squats
1 Rep Max

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2.  Squat Medley
10 reps at 30%
10 reps at 40%
10 reps at 50%
10 reps at 60%
Max reps at 60%

Rest as needed between sets. Last set should be 30+ reps.

Post Scores to Comments.

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  1. Box Squat 275
    60% back squat 25×180

    Room for improvement on the mental game.

  2. Geoff L

    Box Squat 295#
    60% Max @ 185 x 42 Reps

    thanks for the push Maximus, strong numbers today kiiid

  3. Sonia M

    in my stinky basement:
    Box squat: 145
    60% max reps: 30 with 80#. did 40 and substract the 10 i missed to do with 60%

  4. Kristen P

    Box squats: 140# (5# pr)
    Squat medley: 90# x 31

    Loved this WOD! Great working with Katrina, Pat and Rachel. Impressive strength ladies!!

  5. 305# / 38 reps @ 190

  6. Megan B

    Power snatch 5×2 @ 95#, 1×2 @ 83#
    Power clean & jerk 5×1 @ 133#, 1×2 @ 120#
    Front squat 1×1 @ 173#, 1×2 @ 163#

    Awesome to work with you today, Doole! Thanks for the new cues, especially on the jerk.

  7. Patti j

    Box squat. 105
    Squat medley. 63 at 60#.

    Ok way too light today but hip flexor is finally healing and I’m not handicapped with a limp after a squat workout. Lots of fun today with the 9:30 group.

  8. Krystle

    Box squat: 150# (PR not sure by how much)
    Squat medley: 20 @ 90#

  9. Paul P.

    Box Squat 285#
    60% Max w/ #180 x 45 Reps

    Thanks you for the huge push Ali!!! Def wouldn’t have gone as far alone.

    Killer Job Aaron and Chris. Great working with you guys. You both killed it tonight!

  10. Box Squat: 265# matched my 1RM back squat (as of 1/25/12)
    Squat Medley: 31 reps at 160#

  11. Box Squat: 210#

    Squat Medley: 20 reps at 125#. Was a struggle to get 20…thanks for the support Amanda, Michelle and Ali!,

  12. Box squat: 315
    60% @ 200#: 44 reps

  13. Andrew G.

    BOx Squat 275
    60% @ 185 30 reps.

  14. 1. Box squat – 345
    2. Squat medley – 32×210

  15. Box squat: 205#, 20# more than last week (no running the day of and previous two days may have had something to do with it)

    Squat medley: 27 reps at 125#; thought I could’ve done more but didn’t want to push the knee too far; good starting point for next time

  16. 1. Box Squat: 285
    2. Squat Medley: 45×180

    Paul: Inspirational!!
    Chris: Great work and drive!!

    Thanks to all for the drive to do more than I thought I could.. and I probably had at least one more :(

    So good to be back at CFNE!!

  17. Rachel E

    Box squat: 145#
    Squat medley: 55 x 90#

    Great to work with you, Elizabeth and Amy, and thanks for the squat coaching, Doole! (and food incentives — those are my favorite)

  18. Box squat- 185#
    Squat medley – 28 @ 125#
    Double unders practice.

    • You go girl!

      How did the DUs go?

      • Decent. I was stringing together 4-5 at a time. Realized my personal rope was about two inches too short tonight after trying a cfne rope. Hopefully that adjustment will help.

        • Yeah, I prefer a longer rope – something to do with clearing my ponytail.

          Good for you! (I’m stuck at 15, and trying to get to 35 consecutive.)

    • Amanda S.

      Awesome job on the max reps, you were fighting!

    • nice job with the squat medley – so strong!

  19. Box squat: 165
    Lot ‘o squats: 26 @ 110#

    Spaghetti legs

  20. Day 7 of Coach B’s 23 day Bulgarian program – So smoked going into this even tho I rested all weekend and have been eating perfect Zone paleo for a while now. Program is demanding.

    Power Snatch – 140 5×2 – first two sets I did ok but then took one off the pubic bone and I was cashed from then on. I strugggled with this one. Had to lower to 135 after the third set. None of it was pretty.

    Power Clean + jerk – 185 5×1 – this was better. Still plenty of work to get my jerk in line for my goals.

    Fsq – 235 x1, 220 1×2
    GHD 3×20

    • I’ve been thinking for three minutes how to ask this without it sounding like a double entendre, but alas there is no other way…HOW THE HECK DID YOU TAKE A SNATCH OFF THE PUBIC BONE???

      • poorly timed second pull potsy. I need that bounce esp. for power snatches.

    • Megan B

      Maybe not your best day ever (damn that sounded painful), but you kept working through it. That counts for a lot.

  21. Box squat: 265#
    Medley: 30 at 170#

    Didn’t feel safe where I did these so kept weights and reps light.

  22. Amanda S.

    Box Squat: 210#
    Squat Medley: 24 at 125

    Awesome job Kelli and Michelle! Legs are SMOKED.

  23. Box Squat: 315lb felt good
    Squat Medley: 22 at 180… Hmmm not what I wanted.

    Thanks for the encouragement john and the 730pm class. Helped A LOT!

  24. Hey everyone. New to CFNE – start of my first full week @ 5:30pm. Loved the squat progression today!

    Box Squat: 275# (loaded to 295#, but time ran out) – 275# felt easy-ish so I think I left a lot on the table… felt like I could’ve hit 305#-315#

    Medley 18 reps @ 185#… Made the mistake of pausing at the bottom of my 19th and couldn’t stand back up. Completely settled down on my heels.

    3×10 – Banded GH Raises

    Really excited to join the CFNE Family. Thanks to Mel for correcting issues in my squat technique, and Max for cheering me on.

    Loved the squat progression today!

  25. Box Squat 315, 10# below last week, no attempt at 325# this week
    Medley (27) @ 200#

  26. Box Squat: 165 (20# less than last week, no belt today)
    Medley: 30 @ 105#
    GHR: 6, 8, 8

  27. Maureen B.

    Box Squat: 140 (15# more than last week!)
    Medley: 31 @ 85#

  28. PaulBrick

    Box Squat: 315#
    Back Squat Medley:
    Max reps = 31@190

    Done at work…
    Had a little more on box and medley—needed the
    benefits of 10+ people and great coaches at CFNE yelling you on!

  29. Dan the Man

    405 Box Squat


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