Saturday 8.18.12

Congratulations to Pat and Jenn who placed 6th at CrossFit Free’s Team Competition last weekend.


4 Rounds For Time:
Max Reps Chest to Bar Pull Ups in 2 Minutes
1 Minute Rest
Max Reps Push Press in 2 Minutes (165, 115)
1 Minute Rest

Post Scores to Comments.

Doug, Alison and Andy won the 5:30am FFF Team Challenge

Competitors Blog…

From Derek Mohamed, CFNE Competitors Coach
As many of you know, Ben recently started providing competitor’s programming on the Competitor’s
Wod website.
In classic Ben Bergeron style, he is sharing his knowledge and programming expertise for free. He is also
not mandating for anybody that they should, shouldn’t, or can’t follow the programming. I can tell you
that Ben has been overwhelmed with the positive response to the website and the people following the
As the CFNE Competitor’s Coach, I have had the opportunity to talk extensively with Ben about the
programming, the website and his intentions over the last few weeks and have a few thoughts to share:
1. Competitor’s Wod programming is aimed at preparing the skilled, experienced athlete for the
Crossfit Games Competition Season. Because of the seasonality of the sport, and the periodization
that Ben is programming, this is not aimed towards generally getting people ready to compete in local
throwdowns, or competing at Garage Games for example, but specifically towards next year’s Games
2. Its most likely that Competitor’s Wod programming is not for you. I don’t mean you, specifically, but
generally speaking, this programming is intended for a small percentage of the Crossfit population.
Its very difficult to generalize, but if you have to scale the vast majority of the programming, then maybe
you should think twice. Another crude guideline might be a Fran time under 4:00 for guys, and
under 5:00 for girls. Above that and you should really think twice or talk with a coach.  If you do crossfit to be generally healthy for
life and/or for another sport then you’d be better off following the CFNE class programming. If you want to be a competitor, but don’t have the general fitness yet (fran times) chances
are, you’ll make more progress by sticking to class programming and adding some goat work 1-2 times a
week. See a coach for advice if you need help on this.
4. Once you decide what is right for you, stick to it. This goes both ways. If you’re fit enough and
experienced enough to do Competitor’s Wod programming and want to do it, then do it 100% and stick
to it. Vice Versa – if you know in your heart of hearts that its not right for you, or a coach tells you so,
then commit to ONE program, be it .com, CFNE, or whatever. I can tell you firsthand that the RIGHT
program or the BEST program is the one that you are committed to. Doing a .com wod today, and some
class wods later in the week, and something from another site here or there is a recipe for disaster. I
spent a very unproductive, frustrating year a few years back jumping around- OPT, Mike’s Gym, Greg
Everett, CFNE, etc…what a disaster. Finally I got sick of it and just decided to do whatever Ben told me to
do, and I’ve been making gains ever since. For more on this, read ben’s journal article about training like
a racehorse.
Please understand that the purpose of this post is not to exclude anyone, or to tell you that you can’t
do something. The purpose is to clarify what the intention is, and also to help prevent overtraining and
injury that can arise from people following programming that they might not be ready for.
On another note, over the last few weeks we have noticed that the amount of activity and posting on
the CFNE site has decreased as activity and posting has increased on the Competitor’s Wod site. I can
promise you that this is NOT what Ben is after. We take great pride in having one of the most active
sites and communities in Crossfit. Competition is a part of what we do, but it is not what we are all
about. Long story short, if you’re a CFNE member and you’re following Competitor’s Wod programming,
please post on both sites and help us keep the community active.
Finally, the coaches are here to help. If you have any questions about the programming or about this
post, ask somebody, or email me at


  1. Great post D! Thanks for that!

    On a different note, If you are looking for a GREAT short movie check out Strong. Its a great, great, great movie about Sydney 2000 Olympic bronze medalist Cheryl Haworth, her philosphy on womans body image, retirement and just being a bad ass. Very cool. Available on PBS for FREE until 8/27 here:

    Also on itunes. check it out!

    • Megan B

      Totally great movie – well worth the time to watch (under an hour).

  2. Laura c

    Kipping pull ups/55#
    Glad I went light on weight… Got heavy!
    Torn hands for weekend.. Love it:)!

  3. Big Mike

    72/60 (115#)
    Some pretty messed up hands

  4. I have a confession. When I read Derek’s letter to the CFNE community last night, it really bothered me. I am the queen of goats, but I’ve been following the competitor’s wod. I was annoyed and even embarrassed, because I knew this message really pertained to someone like me. I thought about it last night before going to sleep and all this morning while doing my chores. My thoughts were:

    1> Of course I know this programming is for the competitors, and of course that is not my goal. I don’t need to be told that.
    2> Strength training will give me better work capacity, why wouldn’t they want me to do that?
    3> I have a weak upper back, and the targeted work on upper back helped me to overcome a major goat recently. Why should I stop?
    4> Weight lifting is SO FUN. This is the most fun and strongest I have felt since starting CrossFit. How can they tell me now it isn’t for me??

    But then I realized something. Derek is a world-class athlete, and Ben has trained the CFNE team to be as great as they are, so maybe they know what they’re talking about. All of this weight lifting won’t help me do double unders, get over my fear of rope climbs, get strong at metcon, etc. Moving forward, I will continue to follow the competitors wod for format only, meaning on Monday’s when everyone is doing yet more variations of deadlifts and squats, maybe I’ll work on pistols and double unders. I’ll do the upper body workout for the things that make sense for me, like strengthening my lats/scaps, but maybe doing more HSPU instead of a million shrugs. Whatever works to make me a stronger, better crossfitter without doing a bunch of work that I will not see any gains from.

    Thanks to Derek and Ben for looking out for my best interests. Tough advice is hard to give, and I appreciate your ability to do it so well. My husband will be in touch shortly to figure out how you got me to admit I was wrong. ☺

    • Nice note Michelle. I do not follow the competitors WOD — that level of committment does not align well with the rest of my curent goals/committment and obligations. But I do check the tab and I do find Ben’s educational and motivational selections of value (Love the Warrior University video — 10X better every morning than a cup of coffee!).

      Though I do not follow the CWOD – I too found the content of Derek’s note of interest as well. My thoughts here for what they are worth in regards to both Derek and Michelle’s comments are that these sentiments capture an important part of the CFNE community values. While we support one another, cheer one another on, go after every WOD and make sure we have nothing left at the end — an important part of any high performing team is what I would refer to as “truthfulness with our communications, with ourselves, and with one another”.

      While Derek’s post may have prompted some of us to wonder “is he talking about me” and get defensive – the content of his post does seem accurately and thoughtfully crafted. And — as Michelle notes — the author has some history here worth considering.

      Michelle — in addition to your husband being impressed – your note is a great example of being truthful w/ ourselves…something that we all occasionally could use an external catalyst to help us with. We need to be honest with ourselves and what we wish to take as well as give from and to the CFNE community.

      I admire the honesty and community spirit captured w/in both Derek and Michelle’s posts. Derek – it was evident you put alot of time and thought into your crafting of the message — well done.

      Have a great day all.

      • Also — a friend of mine who has been a great mentor for me both personally and professional had introduced a great book on this concept of “self-honesty”. “Leadership and Self-Decetption — getting out of the box” by the Arbinger Institute. A great read – consider it a WOD for the sole and our state of mind.

        Have a great day all. Three of my younger girls are after me to do our run around the block!

    • Great post Michelle. U got it right on. I just want to reiterate what you’ve already realized. No one is telling you you cant do something. I love what you said about working your goats. GREAT idea! Spending just 2mins a day on DU’s you will see HUGE HUGE gains. Also if upper back strength is an issue, treat it like a goat and continue to train it 2-3 times a week.

  5. “Elixir”
    CTB was either 70 or 75 (forgot my logbook this morning)/ PP 60 @ 95#

    Great class this morning Jen – mobility beforehand was very helpful.

  6. Colleen (OC)

    Elixer: 57/49.

    Why does it always have to be so complicated with me? :-) First two rounds, chest to bar (16 and 10, goat day must have worked!) but then I ripped my left hand at the end of the second round of chest to bars. 55# push press. Third round, I subbed push ups for the chest to bars. Then after my push presses, I took the weight off my bar, thinking it was only 3 rounds! So thanks AnneMarie for letting me use your bar for the 4th round- but she was using 65#! So I went heavier in the 4th round. What a mess!

  7. michelle

    Elixir: 48 strict ctb pull ups/19 pp@ 115#
    (17, 12, 9, 10 strict ctb/ 6, 4, 4, 5 pp) low numbers on pp but I am happy as this # is very close to my 1rm
    Super fun morning getting after this: the back corner was on fire nice work Eugene, Marcus, Dan c, Thomas & Doug!
    Congrats on getting your first pull up and then something like 50 more, Lynn!!!

    • Katrina

      Wow Michelle so impressed with your strict C2B!!! nice work.

    • michelle

      Tks, guys! Ben gave me a program for strict ctbs earlier in the year so it was fun to use em in a wod. Tks, ben!

    • Lynne Mc

      Woo hoo still pumped! Thanks Michelle you were looking SO strong (as ever) today !

  8. Elixir: first 3 rounds of chest 2 bars(got height but not always chest touch) was 46 and last round I did 3 and then ripped—so finished off with 25 push ups. Did 61 Push presses at 85#

  9. Elixir: Strict C2B: 19, 13, 12, 13
    PP: 18, 15, 12, 14 @ 165#

    Great job 8am!

  10. Done at CF Hyannis:
    Strict C2B/push press
    20/16, 15/15, 15/15, 16/13

  11. Megan B

    Today’s workout totally makes up for my disaster of a Wednesday morning!

    Snatch: 108×1, 113/114/115/116/117×1, 90×2. The 117 is a 2# PR.
    C&J: 147x5x1, 133×1, 114×2
    Back squat: 225×1, 193x2x2. The 225 is a 20# PR.

    Huge thanks to Doole for your help on the back squat today! I see bigger numbers in my future on all my lifts.

  12. No CTB for me yet. So I did my own thing today.

    1000m warm up row
    Bench – 3 x (20, 20, 18) 155#. Ready to go higher.
    Rehab Snatch – 3 x 45
    Shoulder Shrug – 3 x 45 each side
    Push Press – 3 x 12 100#
    Rehab Curl – 3 x 12 65#
    Rehab Tri – 3 x 12 15# each side
    100 push ups
    100 sit ups
    7 min row – no time

    Sleeping in tomorrow….

    • Big Mike

      Glad to see you actually taking a rest day….this must be your second or third since January!

      • Who says tomorrow’s a day off….just sleeping in!

        Tomorrow’s WOD looks fun. See u in the morning, Big Mike!

  13. Rebecca

    Elixer: 91 kipping PUs + 13 pushups / 53 push press (50#). Switched to push ups half way through 4th round due to ripped hands.

    • 91??!!!!!!! rebecca that’s fantastic!!!! and would have been more if you didn’t rip :-)

  14. Elixir: Strict C2B 8/9/7/8=32
    Push Press 9/9/7/4 @ 155#s

  15. Ashley R

    Elixer: 28/63. Low #’s – I did strict CTB which is huge for me. I stood there looking up at the bar alot and missing the CTB at times. But I am psyched that I did each one legit. (at the expense of my torn hands)
    65# for push press. Round 1 w/ 70#. scaled down due to the wrist..thanks Nicole for keeping me safe:)

    Nice class M.A. Jen..always nice to hear my name to push me harder.

    • Nicole Z.

      Anytime Ashley, that’s what friends are for :)

    • Ashley r

      Bob just informed me that strict really meant strict. He says with my huge kip that is the opposite of strict. He’s right. I have to add we are out to dinner discussing our workout!!!

  16. Ashley R

    Safe Travels Anya!!!! Post from you new home in sunny California!

  17. Mike McD

    Elixir: Strict C2B/Push Press 165#
    25/13, 25/12, 23/11, 20,10
    Great push from Paul P, nice work man

  18. Katrina


    77C2B (not strict) 38pp @115
    22, 22, 22, and 11 (blood blister on hand…preventing a rip so I did not push myself as hard on the last round.)

    10, 10, 10, 8pp

    Bench @ 95# 20, 17, 13 (Ithink I forgot my last round)

    Shrugs 30#, 2@35#

    MS-33# I think I could have gone a little heavier…

  19. Paul P.

    1. Elixir:

    Strict C2B/Push Press 165#
    25/9, 25/7, 21/9, 24/10 total= 95/35

    Mike McD. Thanks for getting keeping me moving on the C@B and getting me to 10 on that last set of PP. It would have been real easy to sit back around 7. Great working next to Ally B and Mike. Awesome!!!

    2. Bench 3x#145 X18
    3. Muscle Snatch #45 X 12
    4. Shrugs w/2 #70 kettle bells 3 X 10

  20. Elixir:

    53 Strict C2B
    38 Push Press 115#

  21. Rachel E

    “Elixir”: 77/69 (kipping PUs, 65#)

    Felt like a mess today — touchy bicep and my hands tore to pieces in round 3 — but still glad to come in and get after it. Great class, Jen!

  22. Big Bri

    Elixir modified with strict C2B and 75# dumbbells – 50/31

    Bench press 145#, 3X max – 17, 14, 14

    3 X 15 shrugs with 70# kb

  23. Elixir Kipping CTB 19/15/13/12 PP 115# 15/14/13/14

  24. Elixir:
    1st rnd kpu, 2,3,4 rnd C2B blue band. 55# (64 / 87)

    After the first round, I knew my hands, arms and shoulders were beat from Th pu so I used the blue band but made sure it was full chest to bar.

    Thrusters- get over it, add more weight, do less reps.

    Jen, Pat, Kim NICE JOB This past wkend.
    Megan and Doole keep PR’s coming!!

  25. Elixir 97/70 at 115

  26. C2B
    Also new post coming soon

  27. Elixir: 70 CTB / 39 PP (115#)
    Stopped after 3 rnds – shoulder injury (I’m no doctor, but I suspect rotator cuff)

  28. Annmarie

    Elixir 88 (pull-ups with green band), 64 Push Press w/65#

  29. Elixir: 62/37 Rx
    3x max bench at 60% 19/11/8
    shrugs 45# dumbells

  30. Nicole Z.

    Elixir: 46 kipping pull ups
    (had to stop rd 4, about to rip)
    75 pp @65#

    Miss you already Anya :(

  31. Geoff L

    WOD: PU/PP @ 15/13 15/12 14/11 14/11

  32. 1. Bench 3x max reps at 180 (60%) – 20/16/16
    2. Elixir w strict C2B – 20/10 20/10 18/10 19/11
    3. High hang muscle snatch w 45# – check
    4. DB shrugs 3×15 w 80# db

  33. @ CF Hyannis
    Bench: 70#, 17, 23, 20
    Elixir: strict C2B- 9,8,8,8=33 / Push Press @ 95#- 12,10,9,9=40
    Muscle Snatch: 33#
    DB Shrugs: 45# DBs 3×12

  34. Snatch 5×1 @ 175 – made them all!
    C+J 205 5×1 failed the last rep; 185×1, 165 1×2
    Bsq 290 x1, 260 1×2
    weighted sit ups 3×20 @80#

    for my 10am peeps – this is the sumo/mma fight I was telling u about –

    • Camille

      I watched the video John. Thanks for coaching me and my NY friends. They really enjoyed the class and commented several times on the “good vibes.”

    • Megan B

      Great job on your lifts, especially hitting all 5 heavy snatches!

  35. 130reps total – RX
    Boy those PP got spicy

  36. 22/22, 20/21, 19/16, 16/18=154 strict c2b

    Do NOT eat 2 pieces of your wife’s birthday cake as a pre-wod meal. 4 years into this and I’m still learning!!

  37. Andy M.

    Great post Derek. Very helpful especially with all the talk lateliy has been going on about the CWOD’s. I agree with all that was said above.

  38. 1. Bench 3x max reps at 135 (60%) – 16/16/10
    2. Elixir w strict C2B – 15/10 12/11 14/11 13/13
    3. High hang muscle snatch w 45# – check
    4. DB shrugs 3×15 w 135# used barbell
    5. bullet proof shoulders

  39. Kristin B

    Elixir: 97/48 (95#) C2Bs were jumping.

  40. Elixir: 102/65 (115#)


  41. Thomas F

    So nice to be back at CFNE! Been traveling like crazy, spending time at Crossfit West End in Richmond, VA.

    Elixir: 133 (84/49, kipping C2B)

  42. TexinMA (m/43/5'7/150)

    I’ve been following CFNE for a while. Unfortunately I don’t live close enough to be a part of your great community.

    135# PP’s

    102 / 21

    28 / 7
    25 / 5
    25 / 4
    24 / 5

    Thanks to the coaches for the great programming and thanks to the members who provide all of the motivation necessary to do this on my own.

  43. Mike Dunleavy

    Elixir: 74/33 (155#)

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