Congratulations to Pat and Jenn who placed 6th at CrossFit Free’s Team Competition last weekend.


4 Rounds For Time:
Max Reps Chest to Bar Pull Ups in 2 Minutes
1 Minute Rest
Max Reps Push Press in 2 Minutes (165, 115)
1 Minute Rest

Post Scores to Comments.

Doug, Alison and Andy won the 5:30am FFF Team Challenge

Competitors Blog…

From Derek Mohamed, CFNE Competitors Coach
As many of you know, Ben recently started providing competitor’s programming on the Competitor’s
Wod website.
In classic Ben Bergeron style, he is sharing his knowledge and programming expertise for free. He is also
not mandating for anybody that they should, shouldn’t, or can’t follow the programming. I can tell you
that Ben has been overwhelmed with the positive response to the website and the people following the
As the CFNE Competitor’s Coach, I have had the opportunity to talk extensively with Ben about the
programming, the website and his intentions over the last few weeks and have a few thoughts to share:
1. Competitor’s Wod programming is aimed at preparing the skilled, experienced athlete for the
Crossfit Games Competition Season. Because of the seasonality of the sport, and the periodization
that Ben is programming, this is not aimed towards generally getting people ready to compete in local
throwdowns, or competing at Garage Games for example, but specifically towards next year’s Games
2. Its most likely that Competitor’s Wod programming is not for you. I don’t mean you, specifically, but
generally speaking, this programming is intended for a small percentage of the Crossfit population.
Its very difficult to generalize, but if you have to scale the vast majority of the programming, then maybe
you should think twice. Another crude guideline might be a Fran time under 4:00 for guys, and
under 5:00 for girls. Above that and you should really think twice or talk with a coach.  If you do crossfit to be generally healthy for
life and/or for another sport then you’d be better off following the CFNE class programming. If you want to be a competitor, but don’t have the general fitness yet (fran times) chances
are, you’ll make more progress by sticking to class programming and adding some goat work 1-2 times a
week. See a coach for advice if you need help on this.
4. Once you decide what is right for you, stick to it. This goes both ways. If you’re fit enough and
experienced enough to do Competitor’s Wod programming and want to do it, then do it 100% and stick
to it. Vice Versa – if you know in your heart of hearts that its not right for you, or a coach tells you so,
then commit to ONE program, be it .com, CFNE, or whatever. I can tell you firsthand that the RIGHT
program or the BEST program is the one that you are committed to. Doing a .com wod today, and some
class wods later in the week, and something from another site here or there is a recipe for disaster. I
spent a very unproductive, frustrating year a few years back jumping around- OPT, Mike’s Gym, Greg
Everett, CFNE, etc…what a disaster. Finally I got sick of it and just decided to do whatever Ben told me to
do, and I’ve been making gains ever since. For more on this, read ben’s journal article about training like
Please understand that the purpose of this post is not to exclude anyone, or to tell you that you can’t
do something. The purpose is to clarify what the intention is, and also to help prevent overtraining and
injury that can arise from people following programming that they might not be ready for.
On another note, over the last few weeks we have noticed that the amount of activity and posting on
the CFNE site has decreased as activity and posting has increased on the Competitor’s Wod site. I can
promise you that this is NOT what Ben is after. We take great pride in having one of the most active
sites and communities in Crossfit. Competition is a part of what we do, but it is not what we are all
about. Long story short, if you’re a CFNE member and you’re following Competitor’s Wod programming,
please post on both sites and help us keep the community active.
Finally, the coaches are here to help. If you have any questions about the programming or about this
post, ask somebody, or email me at