Friday 8.17.12

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1.  Snatch
9 x 1, OTM
2.  Clean and Jerk
9 x 1, OTM
3.  “Tumbler”
8 Front Rack Reverse Lunges (155,105)
16 Deadlifts (155,105)
24 Leg Lifts
32 Double unders
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Double Unders



  1. If you look at pick sideways it kinda looks like everyone is just sitting against the wall. Just an observation

  2. “Knees together, girls. A lady reveals nothing.”

  3. Cliff G

    What do the leg lifts consist of? Can you explain, or is it self explanatory?

    • Ben Bergeron

      LIe on your back legs extended and 1″ off the ground. Lift them to perpendicular and return to 1″ off the ground. That is one rep.

  4. Nice picture Sonia! Your DUs have gotten so strong.

    • susan weiss

      I was thinking the same thing. nice du form, sonia.

      • Colleen (C4!)

        I think Sonia’s picture should have been the “caption here” photo of the day. You can’t really see her rope. She looks like she’s levitating!

        “Sonia Magdelena Carmellina Dona Flor… the Blessed Patron Saint of the Double Under”

  5. Snatch
    9 x 1, OTM

    2. Clean and Jerk
    9 x 1, OTM

    3. “Tumbler”
    AMRAP 8:
    8 Reverse Lunges 95# (amazing how noticebly weaker and less coordinated my left leg is to my right)
    16 Deadlifts 95#
    24 Leg Lifts
    64 Single unders
    2 + 29

    Great WOD this morning Matt — thanks for the coaching.

    Have a great day all.

  6. 1. Snatch: 75#
    2. Clean & Jerk: 155#
    3. “Tumbler”: 2 + 12 (64 singles, rest Rx)

  7. 1. Snatch: 75#
    2. Clean & Jerk: 95#
    3. “Tumbler”: 2 + 12 (95#)
    going light for a few more weeks recovering from injury but the 3 weeks off before this week really set me back cardiowise.

  8. Snatch: 75#
    Clean & Jerk: 105# (only 4x- shoulder/arm injury)
    Tumbler: 2 + 23 (115#)

    Rx DUs taking me into the weekend. Suck it, goat.

  9. Ben Bergeron

    Snatch – 135
    CJ – 175
    Tumbler – 3+19

  10. Patrick

    Snatch 85#
    Clean and jerk 135#
    Tumbler 2+27 125#

  11. Big Mike

    Tumbler: 2 & 27 (155 with 2x SU’s)

    Thought I’d ask the ladies of the 8:30/9:30 to help with my summer reading list and try to crowd source a few chapters. With today’s workout there is certainly plenty of material. I’ll write the opening scene-you fill in the rest.

    “50 Shades of CFNE”

    It was a hot muggy Friday on the back half of August. The kind of humidity they call “sticky”. I walked into the room, a box really, with barren walls, a rubber floor, perhaps to mute the screams. Cold hard steel lined the walls and there were ropes, chains and machines that had no name but seemed to have the ability to hold the body in odd positions, trap the body really.

    My thumb still hurt from the 24″ BJ’s. Though I know I had gone deep and gotten stronger because of it. Hopefully today I wouldn’t have to go 30″.

    My instructions were scrawled on the wall, in red. Snatch, clean, jerk, rack, clean again and lunge, lift my legs, whip myself-twice then do it again 31 more times.

    In walked Doole………(you fill in the rest)

    • Colleen (OC)

      My face is turning red just reading this Big Mike, yowza!!! :-) Too damn funny!

    • Heather V.

      I am speechless!

    • susan weiss

      Omg, big mike. I want more.

    • Colleen (C4!)

      You left out the peacock feather and the Ferarri, except for that, I didn’t know you were writing under the pseudonym of E.L. James.

    • So good!

    • Ben Bergeron

      Well done Big Mike.

      Looks like you figured out that parental control thing on your home network, and made the list.

      • laura c

        I am peeing in my pants and I did not even have to do a DU to get that issue:)! The funniest thing is I think Mike read the 50 shades triolgy – you have it down too good..a bit scary!

        • Big Mike

          Actually have not read a page….want to be surprised when I get tied down.

    • O. M. G. Literally crying.

  12. michelle

    Snatch: 70
    C&J: 90
    Tumbler: 2 + 44
    Tks MDV!

  13. Snatch – 65# (started to “get it” the last few reps)
    CJ – 115#
    Tumbler – 2+21 (115#) – went out too fast

  14. Snatch- 9×1@70%-175#across
    Wod-4 rounds even

    Nice work, Chris Cav, on the reaction time test. Sorry for chucking my rope at you!

  15. Rick W.

    1. Snatch: 85#
    2. Clean & Jerk: 115#
    3. “Tumbler”: 2 + 48 (115#)

  16. 1. Snatch 95#
    2. C&J 135#
    3. AMRAP 8: 2 + 27 Rx

  17. Colleen (OC)

    Can’t believe I turned off my alarm this morning and don’t even remember doing it. Must have needed the sleep, especially after my little guy had an overnight hospital stay earlier this week! (He’s fine, just some asthma).

    I don’t have a caption per say, but many funny things about Todd being in that position (in the front of the pic) have crossed my mind…

  18. Snatch 95#
    C&J 125#

    Tumbler – 2 + 24 (145#)

  19. Heather V.

    1. Snatch 65#
    2. C&J 105#
    3. AMRAP 8: 2 + 32 kinda Rx, my knee didnt touch the ground on all of the lunges… I am sure it was close though…

  20. Ashley R

    Snatch: 53# twice then switched to dumbell cleans. Wrist hurt
    C & J- 63# felt light but wrist still hurt!
    Amrap 8: 55# b/c my knees hurt. Had to sub 12 burpees for d/u because my rope broke! 2 rounds plus 48.
    Today wasn’t my day..but I will be back tomorrow!

  21. Got over my most major fitness goat today, which was getting back to the gym after a break (in this case, almost 2 weeks in France eating lots of decidedly non-paleo food and not doing anything remotely CF). That was MAJOR for me. It was so nice to come in and be greeted so warmly by everyone…truly like a family. It’s the reason I keep coming back and the reason that this experience with fitness is different for me than it has been with anything else I’ve ever tried to stick with.

    I’m not even going to post my scores today. I showed up and worked hard and was really glad to be there.

  22. Snatch: 65# X 2, 75# X 5 & 85# X 2

    Clean and Jerk: 115# Across

    Tumbler: 2+29 (95#, 2X SU)

  23. Nicole Z.

    Snatch: 35# light cuz wrist, felt ok today

    Clean and Jerk: 75#

    Tumbler: 2+44 45#, 8 cal on ski erg thingy for DUs cuz planters fasciitis :(

  24. Colleen (C4!)

    Snatch 55, C&J 85, Tumbler 2+20 Rx.

    Dear Management: This WOD was FUN! Can we do it again, as AMRAP 15? It went by so fast!

  25. Big Bri

    Still hobbling on bad ankle, so:

    9 X 1 OHS @125#

    “Tumbler” modified – 8 OHS/115, 16 DL/155, 24 leg lifts. 3 rounds + 42.

  26. Snatch: 115
    C&J: 155
    Tumbler: 2 Rx – I hate double unders

  27. Sarah S

    Snatch: 45# (switched to the lighter bar after warm up because of bad form)
    C&J: 68# (switched back to the Big Girl bar)
    “Tumbler” 2+35 at 73# and did 2xSU. Apparently I can’t do simple math because I did 72 singles each round rather than 64.

  28. Laura c

    Snatch 50#(I think)
    Clean was 60 but than after about 5 rounds went to just cleans and 70#… Radiating pain down my arm so switched to just cleans.

    Tumbler 60(I think… Amnesia today)
    3 plus 6
    I was scared of this amrap but really liked it!

    Fun and inspiring being behind heather b… No way to keep up even with half the weight but fun trying:)! You go girl!!

  29. Snatch – 65#
    C&J – 135#
    Tumbler – 2 + 12. 115#

  30. Rick K.

    Visiting East Coast CrossFit in Southern Pines, NC:

    5 Rounds for time:
    9 push press (95#)
    12 overhead lunges
    15 pullups

    16:54 – shoulder’s still sore so I only used the 15# bar for overhead lunges

  31. Sonia M

    Snatch: 45. forgot what my 1RM was and just estimated 70%, but it should be 5 more. next time

    Clean and Jerk:65.

    Tumbler:2+4 with 65#

  32. snatch: 45#
    Clean and jerk: 70
    2 rnds + 44 with 70# and singles for DU

  33. Craig B.

    Snatch – 105
    CJ – 155
    Tumbler – 3+9

  34. Snatch – 145
    C&J – 205
    Tumbler – 2+29Rx

    Squat position felt good in both the snatch and the clean, starting to get somewhat comfortable down there. Need to figure out how to better transition between the clean and the jerk without torquing my wrists. Thanks Mel for the tips on the dips, staying straight with my hips and off my toe-tips!

  35. AdrienneF

    Snatch – 53
    C&J – 78
    Thanks MDV for fixing my set up and stopping me from “gracefully” falling on my butt.

    Tumbler – 2 + 13.

  36. Okay, D and Ben. Will do.

    135 / 175 / 3 rds rx

    Ocks… Thanks for the chalking-the-feet tip. What a difference on the last handful of snatches.

    • Curious… is that for marking your landing position?

      • Actually, it’s for marking your starting position. Then after you catch the snatch, stand and look at your feet, you know how far forward (or back in my case) you jumped. Power should send you up… not back. Makes it easier to get that explosion going in the right direction…

  37. Snatch: 135×7, 145#, 155# (last one was a bit much. Need to focus more on speed under bar.)

    C&J: 175×4, 185×4, 195

    Tumbler: 1+27 Rx. (Did 8 each leg on lunges 1st round by mistake and was super cautious on deadlifts. Still working on form.

  38. snatch 100 across
    C&J 160 across
    Tumbler 2+2. RX

    tough doing this solo in the NH “iron den”!

  39. Katrina

    Snatch: 85
    C&J 105
    T: 1+48 ( I did 8 lunges each leg vs. 4 oooppsss)

  40. SnatchOTM9x1(70%): 105#
    C&JOTM9x1(70%): 145#
    Tumbler: 1 Rd Rx (Learned to always bring my jumprope and one leg is WAY stronger than the other or I don’t yet have a ‘split’ landing position).

    The first movement crushed me and DUs went out the window (bookends of suck). Tempted and tossed by the gleam of Rx. Better to scale down and get more rounds. Perpetual progression on Mt. CrossFit. There will be a PR next time. I decided.

  41. Pat hess

    Snatch -125#
    2 rounds +8
    Couldn’t get doubles for the llife of me today

  42. Geoff L

    Snatch @ 115#
    C&J @ 165#
    WOD 3+5 Reps *Subbed front squats for lunges

  43. Rasheed

    1. 105
    2. 135
    AMRAP8: 2 rounds + 2 reps Rx

  44. Annmarie

    Snatch 40#
    C&J 70#
    WOD 70# lunges and do
    64 singles

    really liked this wod!

  45. Megan B

    Snatch 103×1, 93x2x2
    Clean & Jerk 138×1, 120x2x2
    Front Squat 170×1, 160×2
    Situps 3×20 (first set weighted 25#, second set 12 weighted, third set 5 weighted… Back wasn’t having it at the end of today… Oh well.)

  46. Geoff M

    11:30??????? Damn, all quiet from the mid-day crew. Hope everyone is doing well!

    Followed CFNE from home today for my fist WOD in a month after a bout of Lyme. Good to be back and no better way than a WOD from CFNE. Had to go light, but happy for small wins….
    Snatch – 115
    C&J 155
    WOD- 2+8, 115.

    Felt week, but also felt good to be back.
    Hope to come in for a visit someday soon!

  47. Justin E

    Snatch @ 105#
    C&J @ 155#
    Tumbler: 2 + 3 Rx (left foot injured, had to do mostly right leg lunges)

  48. Snatch 50#
    C&J 55#
    Tumbler: 2 +24 (95# for DL- some at 55# on Sandy’s lunge bar , no weight for the lunges, single for DU)
    Sandy and I shared the DL bar- that was fun! :)

  49. 135/165

    3+18 – subbed burpees for deadlifts, back still tight from romainians.

    Solid post, Derek.

  50. 85/ 115
    95# Need to work on leg strength for lunges

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