Thursday 8.16.12

Susan fights to get her elbows high

“Goat Mash Up”
picks two movements you want to improve on.
Odd minutes: 1-10 reps of movement 1
Even minutes: 1-10 reps of movement 2

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Adrienne at CF Grand Cayman

Resistance Training Promotes Cognitive and Functional Brain Plasticity in Seniors With Probable Mild Cognitive Impairment
By: Lindsay S. Nagamatsu

Summary: After six months of training, the aerobics group of 70 to 80 year women got physically fitter and improved balance, but showed no cognitive benefits. The weight lifting group, however, significantly improved their average performance on tests of associative memory. In addition the MRI scans of the weight-lifting group saw significant functional changes in areas of the brain associated with cognition and memory. Full article

Wednesday 8.15.12

I’d say the marble is rolling into his hip…


Kids class will resume in September…Does that mean forget about training until then?


Now’s the time! Tabata! Perfect push ups! Perfect squats! Relay races!


See you all in less than a month!