Sunday 8.12.12

Best. Community. Ever.

 ” Death By Ten Meters”
Run 10 Meters on the First Minute
20 Meters on the Second Minute
30 Meters on the Third Minute
40 Meters on the Fourth Minute…
And so on, until the meters cannot be completed.

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Saturday 8.11.12

To get better at double unders, spend 2 minutes of your warm up practicing them

Death by Burpee
1 Burpee on the first minute
2. Burpees on the second minute
3 Burpees on the third minute
Continue until you cannot complete the corresponding number of burpees in that minute.

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Take care of your hands. Shave your calluses and make grips before a WOD with heavy pull up volume.

Friday 8.10.12

Dan fully extends his hips with straight arms before pulling himself under the bar

1. Snatch
6 x 2 Reps, OTM at 65%

2. Clean and Jerk
6 x 2 Reps, OTM at 65%

3. Box Squat Jumps
8 x 2 Reps

4. “Dancing Geisha
3 Rounds For Time:
6 Deadlifts (275, 185)
12 Box Jumps (24, 20)
18 Toes to Bar

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Thursday 8.9.12

Quickly Kettlebells! Line up…nice work! Now SWING!


Train with your friends! And remember to have a good time! Calvin and Hobbes know what I’m talking about (see below).