Tuesday 8.7.12

Happy Birthday Doole!

Hot Night in Bangkok
5 Power Cleans (225, 155)
400 Meter Run
10 Power Cleans (185, 135)
400 Meter Run
15 Power Cleans (135, 95)

Tabata Row
8 rounds of :20 sec on, :10 sec off for total meters

Post Scores to Comments.


Monday 8.6.12

Ok so that’s how it happened…it’s all starting to make sense


Take yourself out of your comfort zone. Try new things! It took me a LONG time to embrace this, I mean who wants to try something that they might be bad at? Or even worse, who wants to try something they might fail at? Crossfitters! That’s who! There’s so much to learn in Crossfit that if you only practice what you’re good at you will become…that’s right…a…specialist!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Not…that…well I have a simple fix…something that will guarantee you will never become a one trick pony or crossfitter…YES! You guessed it! TRY NEW THINGS! Train your weaknesses! Alright get out there and get started!

I thought muscle ups were hard…guess I was wrong