Thursday 8.2.12

Happy Birthday Nicole!

 “Mexican Sledgehammer” Squat Cleans (155, 105)
30 Double Unders

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Coach Geoff works on his shoulder mobility

From the Members…


As you may or may not know already, we bought a house in my hometown of Swampscott, and we move in Friday. So this is mine and Jenna’s (although she rolled her ankle real bad during Sunday’s WOD so she is out of commission) last week at CFNE as official members. I just want to say thank you for investing the amount of time that you have over the years to cultivate such an amazing fitness community. I have never been drawn to such a powerful force, that just so happens to be where I work out. Who would have thought. The combination of well-trained, passionate, and humble coaches, along with athletes from all walks of life that not only push me to be better everyday but also have become my friends, is something I will never forget. CrossFit has completely changed the way I look at fitness and my diet, and I am a much, much better feeling person because of it. Whenever I have a bad day, I am always comforted by the fact that I already accomplished something by crushing a WOD or will later, and tomorrow is another chance to do the same. The fact that we have the opportunity to compete every single day of our lives is something to look forward to. I realized early on that I didn’t just join a gym, I joined a COMMUNITY that goes to battle inside the walls of a warehouse in Natick every single day of the week with incredibly challenging, and fun programming. Thank you for the passion and commitment that you have put in to put something great together. Myself and Jenna appreciate it from the bottom of our hearts, and we are sad beyond words to be moving away.



  1. The Dudes will be missed!

  2. and i want to say, thank you mike and jenna for inspiring (forcing) me to sign up for elements a mere 3 months ago. if it wasn’t for you guys, i may not have found myself here at CFNE in the midst of quite possibly the best thing i’ve ever done for my physical and mental health. we’ll miss you like crazy, but i look forward to visiting you at your new box and showing them what the CFNE and Furdevoir family can do!

  3. We will miss you Chief Dude and Jenna!!!!

  4. Big Mike

    Nada on the Mexican Sledgehammer.
    While loading my sons skis into the car (yes, skis) I think my functional fitness broke down and I tweaked my back last night so….30 minutes of rolling and getting intimate with a lacrosse ball followed by a rowing interval ladder.
    1Min Row/1Min Rest, 2Min Row/2Min Rest up to 4 and back down
    4,569 Meters (1:45/500M average) the climb down splits were all faster
    Resting the back and living to fight another day

  5. Katie C.

    Mexican Sledgehammer: 19:05 (95#)
    I was anticipating that the hang squat cleans would be my biggest problem but I was wrong. Weight felt OK but lost DUs towards the end. hard wod for me this AM.

    Eddie, great having you in our 5:30am crew. Thanks Coach Jeff for helping me grind through those last 2 rounds of DUs

    • Colleen (OC)

      But you came in, and you DID IT! Great job Katie!!!

    • Thanks Katie – thanks for the welcome – great times

      Mexican Sledgehammer: 17:05 (115#) – I think I wrote 105# on the board – I had DU problems too

      Great to be part of the 5:30am crew.

  6. Colleen (OC)

    Mexican Sledgehammer: 15:51 with 65# and 60 singles (last time I did 10 DUs, but somewhere along the way, I lost my DUs). This is a 1:30 PR, and I went up 20#!

    Nice meeting you this morning Eddie!

    And I’m so sad the Dudes are leaving! We’ll miss you Dude and Mrs. Dude!

  7. Mexican Sledgehammer: 14:33 with 115# and 60 singles
    :27 PR!! with 20# more!!

    Great Day!!!

    Happy Birthday Nicole!!!

    • laura c

      go Joe! Impressed you made it there today….just could not do it:(!

  8. AdrienneF

    Mex sledge 15:44 with 85# and rx dus. Last time was 16:38 with same weight and 20 dus per rnd. And I felt like I was moving slowly this am so I’m pretty happy and know there is room for improvement.
    Nice job coaching Geoff.

    • denise sullivan

      adrienne, kudos girl

      just so you know, your weight on board was my inspiration today

      had to switch to squat cleans for 4, 3, 2, 1 reps but thank you for the push!

  9. laura c

    Happy Bday Nicole WOD
    Hung over so took very neglected CFNE dog for a long overdue walk… Time: 1 hour. Def a PR for my dog!

    • denise sullivan

      ye-ah happyyyyyy bbbbbbdddyyyy to Nicole….wished i could have been there!

  10. Ashley R

    From MV house:
    Mexican Sledghammer:
    subbed 80# dumbell dl, did all double unders with singles in between

    40# dumbell swings 8,7…
    strict pushups 16,14…

    100 situps
    Missing the group thing at CFNE..but following programming and posting is keeping me honest. Not to mention too much running out here hurts my knees :(

    Happy Birthday Nicole Z.!!!!

  11. Rachel E

    Best of luck with the new house and the new box, Dude and Jenna. You’ll be missed!

    This part is random but does anyone know of a good box in Vancouver, BC? I’ll be out there next week (in the downtown area) and would love a recommendation!

  12. HBD Nic! Boooooommmmm.

  13. Patrick

    Mexican Sledgehammer: 10:01 115#, Single Unders. First workout back since tweaking my hamstring last week so stayed with a bit lighter weight. Felt 100% which is a good sign.

  14. Scott A

    Mexican Sledgehammer – 10:19 Rx’d (PR by 8:29 last year)

  15. Scott A

    Happy Birthday Nicole!!
    Your party decimated the 8:30 class

  16. Just back from being on the road for few days. Great class w/ the nooners – thanks for the coaching Mel.

    Mexican Sledgehammer: 115#, 50 SU’s, 14:34.

  17. The Dudes – u guys will be missed. Congrats on the bitcin new house. Don’t be stangers

  18. Sonia M

    Mexican Sledgehammer: 16:53 with 65#(all DU)

    I did not only finish the wod, but went 13# heavier and 6:07 min faster. Apparently there was a 23 min cap last year and I have a DNF as I did not do the last r rds(3-1). Something has gotten better :-)

  19. Mexican Sledgehammer: 13:48 with 30# dumbbells. Wrist issue. Jumping in the net last night was not smart – but I did make a nice save or two.

    • Being in net is always not smart, but if you don’t think about it it’s awfully fun :)

  20. denise sullivan

    sl: 85#, du’s rx
    switched to squat cleans for reps 4, 3, 2, 1

  21. Nicole Z.

    No WOD for me today!

    Just wanted to say thank you all for the kind Birthday
    wishes and to those help celebrate with me last night.
    Good times as always, I RXd and PRd :)

  22. Annmarie

    Mexican Sledgehammer 9:38
    70# Squat Clean (will go heavier next time), 50 singles

    Happy Birthday Nicole!!

  23. Mexican Sledgehammer: 19:19 (85# hsc and 30 double unders for a few rounds and then as many as I could get in about a minute and a half.)

  24. Megan B

    Muscle snatch 5×3 @ 53, 63, 63, 63, 53
    Snatch balance 3×1 @ 113, 2×1 @ 98
    Power clean + jerk 3×3 @ 103, 123, 143×2
    Push press 4×4 @ 96
    Reverse hypers 3×15

  25. MS: 7:30 65# 50 singles.

  26. Nick C.

    Mexican Sledgehammer: 16:06 — Rx on weight; hang cleans instead of hang squat cleans to give my knee some more rest.

    Thanks for a great class, Kevin!

    Congrats and best of luck to the Dudes! We’ll miss you guys.

  27. Mexican Sledgehammer 15:03 @ 115# 50singles
    I’m getting better with the movement of this lift. More weight next time.

  28. Mexican Sledgehammer: 11:50 @ 135#

    Didn’t want to kill my hamstring on the squat cleans.

    Great job everyone at a suspiciously thin 6:30pm class…

    Devin, you’re an animal!

  29. Krystle

    Mexican Sledgehammer: 8:38 (55#, single doubles)

    Cash out: 100 su for time… 8. freaking. minutes. working on these!

  30. Mexican sledgehammer: 10:48ish, 55# and singles

    Kept it light to work on form, which was a solid call, squat cleans felt awesome.

    Nice job coaching Kevin!!!

  31. Erica D.

    Mexican Sledgehammer: 12:02 (I think? Could have been 11:02. We started the clock 1 min in and I don’t remember if the time I wrote had that minute subtracted or not), 75# and double unders.


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