Sunday 7.29.12

Joann and Leah

“Boat Race “
3 Rounds For Time:
500 Meter Row
400 Meter Run
Rest 3 Minutes Between Rounds

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Rap…Doing what?


  1. Lisa L

    Rap: “Romeo and Juliet” interpretive dance

  2. This is obvious…Rap is hugging his imaginary friend George…we’ve talked about it at length, I believe it’s not healthy for a grown man to have an imaginary friend but Rap insists that George has seen him through some tough times and helps him set PRs…whatever works buddy!

  3. Paul P.

    Rap: “Dude, I ate a doughnut this big”

  4. Started “Boat Race” but arm was tight, so after first set it turned into a running WOD.

    500m row: 1:40
    6 x 400m runs w/ Boat Racers.

    Well done by Max, Thomas and the rest of the 8am crew.

  5. 16:14
    Thanks for being the rabbit on the last run JC!

  6. Big Mike

    No Boat Race….oar is still strained.

    Wendler: Back Squat/Press/Deadlift
    Pullups: 6 OTM for 10 minutes (kipping! got them all unbroken except last rep on last set..ugh)

  7. Rebecca

    Boat race: 19:11 (20 sec PR). Great 8 am class.

  8. Paul P.

    Boat Race

    17:33 sub Ski-Erg for Running. Still laying off my calf.

    Great work 8am!!!

  9. Cotter

    “Boat Race”: 17:51

  10. michelle

    Boat Race 19:01 Great crew at the 8!
    8 push up OTM x 10

    Does anyone know the date when we did “boat race” during the week in the past year? Only Sundays are coming up w/ the search function but I know I did it on a weekday in the past. I need to get better at logging all my wods. Tks!

  11. Thomas F

    Rap: “it’s a new Crossfit movement – you grab a large tree like this and shimmy yourself up. Not for beginners.”

    Boat Race 16:46 rx

    Chasing Max all the way! Nice job buddy; that was fun.

  12. Rasheed

    Boat Race: 18:47
    Was a bit too late for the 9 a.m. but managed to finish before MA Jenn was ready to leave for the day. Thanks Jenn!


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