Friday 7.27.12

Party Bus

“Black and Blue”
5 Rounds for Time:
10 Power Cleans (135,95)
10 Burpees

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  1. Cheryl

    Good morning New England! Okay so i know this is a far fetch, but I figured i would give it a try. As I open a new chapter in my life, and find opportunity to move across the country, I am met with some hesitation because I think the move i really want to make is to Massachusetts. As a competitive athlete, I am excited to be guided by Ben, but feel that it would be so much more beneficial to me if I was there in person. Moving is hard, and I only want to do it once. My goal is to someday fill a spot as a coach at New England, become an HQ Trainer, and most importantly, place top 10 at the CrossFit Games. To do this I need better training, better opportunity, and a new location. I truly think you guys are an amazing group of people. When I visited earlier this year, I was greeted with open arms. I felt so comfortable. I hope I had the chance to impact some of you in the same way. Any who…what I am searching for is,
    1. Anyone looking for a cheap roommate until i can get on my feet if i move up there?
    2. Any job opportunities you can think of>? I am skilled in many fields, but love CrossFit first and foremost. :)
    Thanks guys!

  2. 3 PC OTMx10: 4 min @ 105, 6 min @ 110
    Black and blue: 10:38 RX
    Recovery row: 7 min.

  3. Katrina

    Black and blue

    6:59rx pr 1:09

  4. Black and Blue 10:05 — 115
    16 seconds slower than last time but added 30# to the clean. Felt good.

  5. michelle

    Black & Blue: 8:01 rx :29 sec pr

    • Heather V

      Nice Michelle! U r gunning for me this week! Love the friendly competition… It is on like donkey kong next week!

      • michelle

        which one of us is Mario? : ) Your strength and speed inspire me, Heather V!

    • Krystle

      Nice PR!!

  6. 6:36rx

    3xPR this week! Ya buddy!

  7. Heather V

    Black & Blue: 8:22 Rx
    Did the 6:30am kicked butt today or what? Looks like the honey badger 5:30am needs to step it up a notch! Nice work 6:30am!

  8. Big Mike

    Black & Blue: 7:23 Rx (1:26 PR)

    Froning was in the house this morning so could not let him show up once and crush us all as usual. Though he probably was saving a little something for a 100 mile bike ride…or the workout he was going to go over and do at CF2A at lunch.

  9. Colleen (OC)

    Black and Blue: 8:19, 65#, felt good with my back. :31 second PR from March, with the same weight!

  10. Katie C.

    Black and Blue: RX 9:00
    1st time doing this RX!

  11. -4:23rx. :11 pr
    -10 mon easy airdyne
    -10×3 pc OTM: 225 for 4 rounds, 245 for 4, last 2 at 265

    Awesome coaching MDV, and great job on the wod.

    Lots of awesome pr’s this am. So fun to be with the class.

    I was taken aback by how many people made various comments that sounded like this: “I pr’d by X. I know this stuff works but WOW- this stuff REALLY works. I’m so glad I keep track of my times.”

    Personally, I haven’t been doing a good enough job of this in the last few months, but I’m starting again today!

    Are YOU tracking your wods? What do you use? Logbook,, beyondthewhiteboard, something else? Doesnt matter, just do it!

    • Colleen (OC)

      You should have scaled up, this WOD was too easy for you!

      I track my WODs in 3 places- and I’m glad I do, because I frequently find mistakes! I have a log book, I keep a blog, and I track them here!

    • Sonia M

      I track my wods in 4 places; the CFNE website, MyWod app, logbook, Facebok(sometimes), where else shoud I should I track them? :-)

    • rich t

      Beyond the whiteboard.

      It is a bit of a pain in the @$$ to enter data, but the charts and grapsh are pretty cool, especially for geeks like me.

    • Cheryl nasso

      Ooooo that’s a good time… Hoping for ^sub 5 myself :)

  12. Rachel E

    “Black and Blue” 8:32, 85#
    PCs were heavy for me — thanks MDV for talking me down when I wanted to jettison some mid-WOD. In looking at the times everyone’s posting at Rx, I think I may have missed a round somehow, especially considering how slow I felt on the cleans. If that’s the case, I’m going to call it “strength scaling” instead of “accidental cheating because I can’t count.” Wish I could come in for a do-over tonight!

    • michelle

      getting strong, Rachel!

      • Rachel E

        Thanks, Michelle! Today was a mess but looking forward to getting back at it this weekend. :) You’ve been having a heck of a week yourself!!

    • Sarah S

      Wow, good for you! I bet you did all 5 rounds. You are usually a speed demon on those burpees.

  13. Rick W.

    Black & Blue 8:37 115#
    Not a PR (did it same time @ 125# in March) but that is ok -a hard week of training and stressful week of work has me running on fumes. Gave it my all today.

  14. 4:47 RX

    Awesome energy this morning. Love my early morners!

    • Great job brother! I think is at least a :30 pr for you! Smokin

    • Katie C.

      Holy COW you are FAST! Our fearless 5:30 am leader showing us how it’s done. Thanks for all the encouragement and incredible coaching. You rock!

  15. AdrienneF

    Black and blue 10:22 @ 85#. Did round 1 with 95# starting failing in rnd 2 so dropped some weight. Have done this rx in the past but just didn’t have it in me today. Day 4 in a row and it has been grueling. Happy for rest day tomorrow.

  16. Black and Blue: 10:53 Rx. This was a huge success for me today. I did this workout about 9 months ago at a time of 10:40 but did 65#. 30# more and roughly the same time frame.
    Felt good! thanks for the extra support and push Allie!!

  17. rich t

    Black and Blue; 10:30 Rx (0:23 pr)
    happy with pr for two reasons; last WOD was in March (not that long ago), and today’s humidity was crazy (and I typically do not do well in heat).

  18. Amy Brooks

    3 mile run with the parent’s puppy. She was pretty focused though.

    • Katie C.

      we miss you but the vacation looks like fun. Aiming to run a 5k in the fall…any interest in joining me?

  19. BandB: 7:03RX
    Bullet Proof Shoulders

    • Great work brother! Tied for the week! Looks like we’ll have to battle tomorrow! Let me know what time you’re planning on going.

  20. B&B: 8:00, 60#, 22 sec pr.

  21. 150 WB (16#): 10:10
    Lots of WBs this week. Slowly taking weight back up again. Started @ 10# last Saturday and took it up 2# every other day.

    I “got to” do bar warm up today. First time in months. Felt fine…pretty psyched about this development.

    Post WOD:
    2000m row with Neeb
    Bullet Proof Shoulders.

  22. Craig B.

    Black and Blue: 7:05 rx

  23. Krystle

    Black & Blue: 9:46 (55#) Thanks Max & MDV for help with form!

    Randy: 5:04Rx

    I don’t think I’ve done this WOD before but I’m not sure. I didn’t have my log book because chad made me only bring a carry on so the log book and weight lifting shoes had to stay home. :)

  25. Nicole Z.

    B & B: 7:15 (75#)

    5# more than last time and 30 sec slower

    Great 9:30 class Ali :)

  26. Black and Blue 12:27 115#

    Did with 95# last time in 10:05

  27. Braatz

    Black and Blue: 9:48 Rx (PR by 1:50 and 30#)

    Hope and change are alive at CFNE. Excellent coaching, MA Jen – thanks for handing me the wrench.

  28. laura c

    Black and Blue – 8:39 60# –

    Prob could have done 65# but I played a mental game with myself over it…..

    About a minute PR and 5# PR

    I’m liking seeing my progress.

    Thanks Jen for a great Nooner, as usual:)!

    • MA Jennifer

      Laura are you talking dirty with me ? Ha! Was a great time. You guys did fantastic!!!

      • laura c

        I AM!!! Finally a woman who has my sense of humor. Sorry I was so “quick” this time:)!

  29. Sonia M

    Black&Blue:10:16 with 75#. 04 seconds faster and 10# heavier.No too bad after yesterday’s wod.

  30. Black and Blue 8:45 115#

  31. julie a

    Bulls Eye: 14:29 95#, 20 sit-ups, 30 sec rest between rounds.

  32. Sarah S

    Black and Blue: 9:15 65#
    Was pleased that this was 5# heavier than Power Hour, but probably could have gone heavier. MDV gave great advice to take the burpees one rep at a time, which was a great mental tool for me today since burpees usually get to me.

  33. Black and Blue 10:27
    6Pc per round @85#
    rx burpees

    thank you for the tips MDV!!
    good job Max!

  34. I LOVE this WOD … and it looks like Derek finally beat me at it! Nice work.

    Miss you guys, it’s nice to see basically the entire old 530pm was the party bus crew. That’s how it’s done.

  35. Justin E

    Black and Blue: 6:41 Rx

  36. SusanKD

    Black & Blue: 10:06, 55#
    8 sec pr whoo but lifted 20# more so that’s progress

  37. Eugene

    Black and Blue – 8:06 Rx
    way too fast out of the gate on the cleans because Chad was facing me. that was awful.

  38. Black and Blue: 7:38RX Felt awful!

  39. Kristin B

    Black and Blue: 9:11, 80#

  40. Lisa L

    Black and Blue: 9:53, 70#. Tough one but I’m glad I got through it :)

  41. Dan C.

    7:21 rx

  42. B&B 8:15
    # 125

  43. Susan Celli (Subie)

    Black & Blue – 10:04 65#
    Need to work on my form

  44. katrina

    Black & Blue 6:37RX PR :22 sec


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