Sunday 7.22.12


Power Hour
Power Cleans ( 115, 80)
200 Meter Run

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From the members…

Hi Ben,

Listening to you talk today about appreciating those in your life and “get to” vs. “have to” gave me a flashback to one of my first days at Nobles when I sat in awe of you as you lectured us about something related to bettering ourselves outside the gym.  I remember thinking that you aren’t just coaching us about how to get a six pack (that was why I started :)!, but you were coaching us on everything.  Our health, outlook, nutrition, motivation, and the list goes on and on.  And I knew right away you were special, talented, and gifted in helping and motivate people.  It is actually extraordinary.  And I feel so lucky to get to benefit and be impacted from you and your coaching.   
And I am always impressed how you give me a sub when I need it, and then minutes later you come back because you thought of a better one.  You always have a classful of people to attend to, but you never just throw out a quick answer, you always REALLY think about what is best.  And it must get tiring, but if it does you don’t show it.   
I feel like a suck up writing this but that is not what this is about.   I am thankful for you and how you challenge and teach me to better myself.   You are a great coach, Ben Bergeron