Saturday 7.21.12



Even though there’s no kids class today it doesn’t mean you can’t be active and enjoy this wonderful weather! Get out there and have some fun! Run, swim, jump, relay race, work on your kip at your favorite playground, see how many perfect squats you can get, the possibilities are endless!!! It’s the weekend!!! Have some fun!!!

Stretch some more!

Saturday 7.21.12


The key to results is intensity

There is a 10am class today!

Team WOD
100 Pull Ups
150 Double Unders
100 Wall Balls
150 Double Unders
100 Burpees
150 Double Unders

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Bar Muscle Up

PARTY BUS – 6:30pm at CFNE

“Flexing Your Gratitude Muscle” – By Ben
As you guys know I love coaching.  I want every member to get stronger, fitter and faster, but I also want everyone of our members lives to improve outside the box as well.  I talk a lot with the classes I coach about the power of positive thinking and tactics to use inside and outside the gym to improve your performance and improve your life.

Today I talked with my classes about “flexing your gratitude muscle.”  This is a concept I got from Tim Sanders in his book “Today We Are Rich.”  Everyone knows the feeling of gratitude – it feels good, like things are lining up for you.  You have more opportunities, better luck and more abundance in you life.  We want that feeling as much as possible, but the important realization is that gratitude isn’t a feeling…it’s a muscle.  And just like all your other muscles it needs to be worked or it atrophies.

Here are two tactics I have been using to flex my gratitude muscles that I suggest you do.

1.  Every morning, while you are in the shower alone with your own thoughts, think about two people that helped you in some way the previous day.  This will start your day on the right track – with the feeling of gratitude.  You will feel more energized, and like the world is presenting more opportunities for you.  This morning I thanked Heather’s parents who came into town and watched the kids so I could go on a romantic dinner with my beautiful wife.  I also thought about and thanked Ali for bringing up a few new ways that we could improve the gym.  What a nice way to start the day…

2.  Turn “have to’s” into “get to’s”.  Instead of saying, “I have to drive the kids to camp today,” or “I have to go to work today,” or “I have to go to the gym today,” say, “I GET TO….”  How many childless parents would give anything to have the opportunity to drive a child to camp.  How many unemployed people are dying for the opportunity to earn a paycheck.  How many other people have the opportunity to “Get To” work out at one of the best gyms in the world with some of the best coaches and best people in the world.

Recognize the abundance, good fortune and opportunities you have.  Don’t let even the smallest of things pass by without recognizing their beauty, importance and worth.  Find the silver lining in all situations.  Exercise your gratitude muscle and live a happy more productive life.