Thursday 7.19.12

The Games viewing party at CFNE

Team Challenge
Teams of 3 complete 5 Rounds of:
Max Reps in 1 minute of
Handstand Push Ups
Row for Calories
Kettlebell Swings (70, 53)
rest 1 minute between rounds

Post Scores to Comments.

Ali L’s rope climb

Open Classes
Current members and new members are welcome to join any of our class times except for the 6:30pm. Our summer schedule is:
6:30pm – closed

Thank You…


I want to thank a few people…

I would like to thank Mel, Ali, Derek, Montoya and James for being such incredible athletes and teammates.  When the cards where stack against them after the first two events they easily could have become negative and packed it in, but that isn’t the way these amazing people act, train or compete.  One of my favorite quotes is, “Toughness is the ability to perform at the upper limits of your talent and skill regardless of competitive circumstance.”  And that is exactly what TEAM CFNE did.  They battled, and battled hard right to the end.  I am so proud, lucky and honored to be friends and coach these great people.  They are role models for us all.  We missed our goal or repeating as Champions, but learned more about each other along the way.  We have strong core values (family, integrity, community, honesty, dedication) and because of that our finishing place does not define us.  We are still Champions – and I am so proud of each of them.

Thank you Heather.  You are my bride, my best friend and my boy’s mamma.  I am in awe of you everyday.  What you do, what you have accomplished and what you strive to be inspires me to be a better man, dad, coach and husband.   I love you.

I want to thank MDV and Ally.  You guys are amazing teammates, friends and athletes.  Your desire and ability made our Team better everyday.  Your help with Bode at the Games was a huge asset.  You guys are a going to be a huge part of the success of our gym in the coming years.

I want to thank Lisa 8, Big Bri and Jerry for being tremendous master’s competitors and representing CFNE.

I want to thank my Dad.  Making the trip to LA to support me and CFNE means more than you know.  Thank you, I love you.

Finally I want to thank the entire CFNE community who made the trip to LA, those that rooted us on from back home, and those that supported all of the competitors throughout the year.  You guys are the reason that our gym is so special.  I love that “going to work” for me is hanging out with you guys all day.  We have a special thing going on Tech Circle and I don’t take it for granted for one second.  I know how lucky I am to have each of you in my life.