Monday 6.25.12



Front Squat
10 x 1 at 90%

Weighted Pull Ups
5 x 5 reps

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Max gearing up for Max Effort Monday


  1. FS: 105#, 10# PR yeah! however i need to work on the hip flexibility, am having some form issues, leaning forward a bit on the way back up.

    PUs: 5×3 with the red band
    desperately want to get 1 rep with no band. i’m close… how do i get there? this is my number one goal.

    cash out with krystle and jenna, working on mental toughness: 4 rounds of 400m run and 25 ab mat sits ups. smiled the whole time HA yeah right. but i did find that positive self talk on the round 3 run really helped me get through that.

    thanks jenna and krystle for pushing me to do the run even though i so badly didn’t want to. :-)

    • Geoff L

      hell ya corey, way to put the tips to good use…glad its paying off

    • 10#PR….ummmmmmmm yes! Nice work tonight! Way to push it! Running 400s is a good way to work on mental toughness! I say add 21 burpees to the mix and do it for 3 rnds and call it ‘Surfer on Acid’ 😉

    • Krystle

      I think I need some of this mental toughness you’ve got whilst rowing. Either that or someone screaming in my face like a drill sargent. Way to go gf!

      • Someone screaming in my face seems to work. Talk to Chad M. he should be able to help…if Chad’s not available ask John Doole…if Doole’s not available find Paul P…

      • Whilst? Who says whilst??? Hahaha.

  2. Nick C.

    FS: 185, 225, 245, 265 x 5, 275, 285f
    WPU: 35# – 5, 5, 5, 2, 2

    Previous 1 rep max for FS was 275, so I didn’t feel too bad about this. Doole, thanks for the push to go for the PR @ 185 – I def should’ve had it, but didn’t have the right mindset going into it.

    SO much fun at the intimate 7:30 class tonight! Great work, everyone.

    • PaulBrick

      PR @ 285!!! Crushed the sets at 265/275…it’s there…

      • Nick C.

        Mis-type in my post – PR @ 285*

        Definitely going for it next time, Paul, that’s for sure.

    • Rebecca

      Agreed…the 7:30 class was awesome! Great coaching Doole.

  3. PaulBrick

    1 x 185
    7 x (1 x 225)
    1 x 235
    1 x 235 (f)

    WPU: 1 @ 5×40#, 3 @ 5×45#, 1 @ 5×50#

    Great 7:30! Lots of weight being moved–Nick, Sara, Rebecca…thx JDoole!

    • Nick C.

      Awesome teaming up with you tonight, Paul! Your form got better and better throughout those reps. Yet again, a great example for me to follow. Super strong on those weight pull-ups, too!

  4. Front squat: 105# 10 x 1. 5×5 strict pull ups. Did them one at a time. Surprised myself and felt good about this part of the work out. Need to push myself a bit harder with lower body.

  5. Megan B

    De-loading this week – working to percentage of my current 1RM.
    Snatch – 88% x 1 (55×5, 75×3, 85×2, 97×1)
    Clean & jerk – 88% x 1 (75×3, 95×2, 115×2, 125×1, 132×1)
    Front squat – 85% x 1 (140×1)
    Reverse hypers – 3 x 15

  6. Aaron W

    @ Dogtown crossfit:
    Tabata hollow rocks x 8
    1RM Back Squat: 305# (30# PR!!)
    500m row @ max effort: 1:32 (17sec PR!)

    Won’t be back until July guys :-(
    Miss y’all!

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