Saturday 5.19.12

Tim M in Dubai, putting his fitness to the test with sand snowboarding


” American Dream”
AMRAP 20 Up Ladder of:
Clean (205, 140)
Muscle Up

Post Scores to Comments. Compare to 8-4-2011

Burpee wounds.


  1. Colleen (c4!)

    Love that Burpee “poster.”

  2. Big Mike

    Hey Masters competitors…..not admitting that I don’t have muscle ups but I’m going to try a couple of the Throwdown WODs tomorrow at 10 if you care to join. There should be room in the back or even outside.

  3. Sammy B.

    Love the poster too. If I was theoretically going to try this WoD in the barn, how does it work? 1 of each then 2 of each etc for 20 mins?

  4. Erica D.

    For Friday, May 18th:
    7/7 Paleo
    Cactus Crossfit WOD:
    3×5 Backsquat: 95#, 105#, 105#
    10 RFT: Sprint 50 m, 13 KB Swings (35#), Spring 50m, 8 Burpees (23:11 Rx)
    I’m feeling the poster :)

    • potsy

      Nice work Erica! I was just at Cactus Crossfit a few weeks back.

  5. michelle

    ”Ben” sub 115# FS from rack for squat cleans
    18:04 (25 Sec pr w same modification!)

    This is a killer workout, great doing it with you, Heather V.!

  6. michelle

    Hey Guys,
    We have designed a CFNE Masters tee for the throwdown at Ocean State CF and wanted to let all CFNErs to have a chance to get one, too. This is a link to see what it will look like and below that is a link to a google doc with overview of sheet choices and a link to a spreadsheet that you can add your name to and put in your order. Orders must be in by Monday!

    • Big Mike

      Michelle-there is an envelope on the bulletin board with your name on it. Check inside…

  7. Katrina

    American dream

    Well good news and bad news. Bad news not one muscle up today. Boo!

    1 attempted muscle up and one jumping muscle each round.

    6+7 cleans.

    Good news 140 was my max clean…so thrilled that I did this many.

  8. Cotter

    “American Dream”: 6 +6 (Rx on Cleans, PUs, Dips)

    Was going great until 7th round . . missed about 6 attempts to get 7th clean. Just hit the wall.

  9. Sammy B.

    1. American Dream: 7 rnds + 3 reps (100#, 2 false grip ring pulls; 2 banded ring dips per MU)

    Proud of the clean wt – most in a WoD and liked the MU sub.

    2. 3x Hill Sprints on wilsondale st

    3. 3x 15 gHD situps

    Wow. Legs toast from yesterday! Happy rest day tomorrow…unless DL come up…

  10. Jen W

    American Dream: 8+7, 105#, banded pull ups and GHD dips in lieu of muscle ups

    Ouch. 105 felt heavy.

  11. American Dream: 9 rounds +10. 75# cleans, pull ups and banded dips. Was laboring over what weight to do. Would have liked to have tried to more weight on the cleans, but, was worried about compromising form. As it was, the form was probably not so great with the 75. Still a great workout! Going to have a good PALEO weekend:-)

  12. Jim B

    American Dream 8 rounds – #175 – chin-ups and ring- dips

  13. 7+3rx

  14. Dmart

    American Dream – 6 rounds + 1 clean Rx

  15. Colleen (OC)

    American Dream: 9 round even with 75#. First 3 rounds I did pull ups and ring dips. The next 5 rounds I did pull ups and banded ring dips with the skinniest band. Then someone stole my band that was hanging on my rings, so the 9th round, I did bar dips.

    I’m off to San Antonio all week! No rental car, so no CF! :-( Going to try do do some travel WODs in the hotel gym.

    • Colleen (OC)

      PR by 3 full rounds and 10# on the weight. But last time it was a 3:1 ratio for the pullups/dips to MUs.

  16. Dave C.

    American Dream: 7 + 6 (Sub’d HSPUs for Cleans)

  17. Laura c

    American dream. 9 x 12. 65#. Pull ups. First 5 rounds ring dips. Last few with skinny band.

    Really working on form and using 45# bar for masters. Starting to feel better.

  18. Beth T

    American Dream: 9+1 with 95# and pullups and banded ring dips for muscle ups. A little tougher to explode with the boot on so I’m glad I didn’t go heavier.

  19. Sara C

    American Dream: 8 rounds even, 60#, with pull-ups and dips in between.

    Cool stuff today:
    #1 After class, cleaned 65# for the first time. Starting to realize the lifts are at least 75% mental for me. I can tell from the moment it leaves the floor whether it’s going to be pretty or ugly.
    #2 Kipped my pull-ups on a blue band for the first time. FUN!
    #3 Those are MY pretty knees in that photo up there…and they are almost healed.

    Happy Weekend, everyone!

  20. Chad M

    American Dream. 7+5 Rx.

  21. LEARD

    American Dream: 8+17 @155# with banded dips and kipping pull-ups.

  22. Big Mike

    Master’s Throwdown WOD 3: 1,1; 2,2; 3,3 etc. AMRAP 7 Wall Balls (20# to 10′) and Sit ups, followed immediately by 3RM Front Squat

    13 Full Rounds and 14 Wall Balls
    160#’s (Failed on 170#)

    Floater WOD: 30M Prowler push with 225#, 5 burpees, 30M Prowler: 35 seconds

    What I learned:
    1) Position the abmat right where you fall to the ground when you complete the wall ball so when you stand up from sit up, your feet are in position…quick transitions.
    2) Make sure your first WB is a good rep..sets the tone for the set
    3) Get the WB’s unbroken…situps are easy
    4) Your rest is the time to load the bar for the front squat
    5) You probably have time for three attempts so know your 80-90% 3RM and get that on the first round.
    6) 10 seconds is not a lot of time, one quick breath between reps is all you have
    7) I failed at 170 (fell forward on 3rd rep) but I should have taken another 30 seconds rest between attempts as I still had plenty of time
    8) Get the prowler (floater WOD) out of the way before this WOD….I did it about 15 minutes after completing the WB/SU and my thighs were exploding on the return trip. 35 seconds of output won’t affect the longer WOD where the longer WOD could cost you a second or two on the floater which equates to a 10-20% slower time.
    Hope this helps! Thanks Colleen and Susan…you will both crush this next time!

  23. American Dream: 10 ends + 5 reps, 65#, pull-ups and ring dips

  24. MA Jennifer

    American dream 8+ 9
    115, kept it light for trap issues
    Butterfly Pull ups, ring dips

    Thanks to all donated in support of my pedaling in Boston’s Brain tumor ride tomorrow, in my brothers honor. You all are amazing!
    If you still want to support our team headed up by one of my brother’s closest friends John Myles, please visit:

  25. Heather V.

    ”Ben” sub 105# FS from rack for squat cleans
    17:59. Fun working out w/ u this morning Michelle, super strong on the front squats doing 10#’s more than me!

  26. Big Bri

    “American Dream” – 6 rounds + 8, Rx’d. Muscle-ups not great, but better.

    Last time (3/11) got 4+4 – progress.

  27. Sue B

    American dream: 9 rounds with 53# and banded pull-ups and dips.

  28. Devin

    American Dream: 7 rounds even @155

    Got my first muscle up ever today, woo! Did a combination of MUs and MU attempts for the WOD (I count a MU attempt as half a MU). I think I got 6 or 7 total actual MUs during the WOD and attempts for the rest of the rounds.

    After party: 1 mile run, easy pace, just under 9 minutes.

    After after party, planning on weighted vest hill repeats on Mt Wachusett this evening to watch the sunset. Anyone’s welcome to join. Just lemme know :-)

  29. Martha

    American Dream: 9 rounds plus 10. Banded dips and pull-ups. #70

  30. potsy

    American Dream – 6+12 Rx

    Cash out with a good crew of 7
    Tabata pushups – 7 (20 on first set was bad idea)
    ~10 sets hollow rocks – 7/set

  31. “Crimson…”

    4 rounds of:
    25 GHD Sit Ups
    25 KB Swings (25 lbs)
    25 Box Steps (20 inch)
    25 Curl/Push Press (25 lbs)

    Harvard Stadium Steps (27 mins)
    38 x 60 steps

  32. Jen W

    Question to the group: To pop or not the blisters under the calluses on my hands?

  33. Kristin B

    American Dream: 8+1 70#. Should have gone heavier. I’ve been saying that a lot lately–gotta just do it.

  34. Ben Bergeron

    American Dream – 9 rounds even, RX

  35. Nick C.

    American Dream – 7 rds + 3 (Scale 2 – pullups and dips; 2 rounds Rx, the rest @ 185#)

    Not feelin’ it out of the gate today. Struggled with the second round and failed 3 times, so I dropped down for the rest. Great tips from Dmart afterwards – can’t wait to give it another shot. Next step is working on MU’s.

  36. Geoff L

    American Dream 7 + 6 Rx with a bad ass noon crew

  37. Kim P

    American Dream 10 + 4 115# banded dips

    tabata sit ups: 14 PR

    Back etc 3 x 20 w 15#

  38. American Dream. 8+1 RX. Cash out push ups and hollow rocks. Snowboarding in Dubai……………AWESOME!!


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