Monday 3.19.12

Take care of your hands! When calluses build up, file or shave them down to prevent hand tears. If there are multiple sets of pull ups in a workout, tape your hands. Hand care and taping tips can be found next to the whiteboards

 1. Deadlifts
3 x 3

2. “Soul Reviver”
3 Rounds For Time:
7 Chest to Bar Pull Ups
400 Meter Run
7 Chest to Bar Pull Ups
Rest 2 Minutes Between Rounds

Post Scores To Comments.


The 7:30am Saturday Class

Open Update
Team B is crushing the Open WODs. Keep up the hard work and keep posting your scores to the Games site! Congrats to the following athletes who contributed to the team score each week.
Week 1: Burpees
Ronda 109
Katie T 106
Judi and Sandy 104
Andrew G 125
Daigle 118
Dan c 116

Week 2: Snatch
Megan l 68
Katrina 64
Ashley f 63
Mike c 70
Pat s 67
Big bri 64

Week 3: triplet
MA Jen 309
Megan L 308
Katie T 305
Pat S 334
Chad M 315
Kevin C 311

Week 4: WB, DU, MU
Lori B 240
Ashley F 240
Jen Lawrence 240
Pat S 253
Bubba 249
Mike G 247