Friday 3.16.12

Maya helps coordinate teams for a fun CF kids team workout. Maya will also be taking part in planning and running the next kids competition that will be at CFNE in April. Very exciting!

Friday 3.16.12

Brandon's send off PARTY is tonight at 6pm at CFNE! Check out those shorts...They're his wife's.

 Open WOD 12.4
150 Wall Balls (20# at 10′, 14# at 9′)
90 Double Unders
30 Muscle Ups

Post Scores To Comments.

Pre-Game WOD or Rest

Joe A, throwing down at CFNE

Thursday 3.15.12

Jayme went outside her comfort zone


3 Rounds For Time:
800 meter run
30 Box Jumps (24,20)
3 Rope Climbs
500 Meter Row

Post scores to comments.

Rest or Brandon


Tom W (yes, we have TWO Tom W's) judging/coaching/cheering on Paul B through Open WOD 12.3


Never use the word “should.”  “Should” implies failure.  If you say, “I should go to the gym today.”  You are implying that you won’t.  Instead, say “I WILL go to the gym today.”

How did you do in 12.2?  “I got 75 reps, but I SHOULD have gotten 80.”

This statement implies failure.  You got 75 because that is the most that you could have possibly gotten given your situation at that time.  Next time you might be able to do more, but that is because you are in a different situation.  You have the advantage of already doing the WOD once and have more knowledge, skill, pacing, confidence, etc…

If you say, “I should have…” you are saying, “I was wrong” or worse, “I didn’t try.”  We always give everything we have to every training session.  We are Champions.  There is no should.  The only thing that counts is what you do, not what you should do.