Thursday 3.8.12

Jenn's kipping HSPU


TEAM Challenge
AMRAP 20 of:
50 meter Prowler Push (90/45)
200 meter Sandbag Run (45/30)
400 meter Run

Post Scores To Comments

1. If you are doing 12.3 tomorrow, rest or Pre-Game WOD

2. If you are doing 12.3 Saturday, Team Challenge + 3 x3 Deadlifts

Mobilize your scapula to get your shoulders in the ideal position for overhead movements.Work a lacrosse ball around your scapula and move the same arm across your body then up by your ear. Spend two minutes on each side and place the ball in several different spots. You'll see a HUGE difference!

Thursday 3.8.12

During CJ’s FIRST Big Dawgs class he got 78 abmat situps in 2 minutes, squat cleaned 35# for 3 reps, bench pressed 35# for 5 reps, and over head squatted 25# for 3 reps! Awesome work CJ!

Open Update

It’s week 3 of The Open, the WOD gets announced tonight and CFNE has a legit chance to qualify TWO TEAMS to compete at Regionals! Very few affiliates have this chance, but WE can make it happen.  If you’ve caught the competition fever or want to take your training to the next level, email Derek at Or, speak to Matt, Mel, Ashley or Ben about your training.