Thursday 3.1.12

Happy Birthday Benny!!

Open WOD 12.2
30 Snatches (75, 45)
30 Snatches (135, 75)
30 Snatches (165, 100)
Max Rep Snatch (210, 120)

Post Scores To Comments.


Get work done, son.

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  1. happy b-day, buddy!

  2. So the open WOD is Thurs. and Fri. this week?

  3. Happy bday Ben, have an easy day bud

  4. Happy Birthday Ben!!!

  5. happy b-day Sensei.

    you are one incredible dude and an elite coach. can’t say enough of how you have impacted our lives, for the better.

    that said; love your technique on hotel stationary bike.


  7. Happy Birthday Ben – great interview too!

  8. BENNY! HB!

  9. Happy Birthday Ben!

  10. Heather V.

    Great Pic! Happy Birthday!

  11. Happy birthday Ben!

  12. Had no idea my baby girl shared a b-day with The Bergeron. Happy Birthday dude man and thanks for everything.

  13. Colleen (OC)

    Happy happy birthday Ben! Excellent lumbar curve on that stationary bike!

  14. Happy Birthday, Ben! And what a year it will be!!!

  15. Happiest ever, Ben!

  16. Happy birthday, Ben! :)

  17. Happy Birthday, Ben!!

  18. Happy birthday, Ben!

  19. Happy Bday Ben.

  20. Happy birthday Benno! Your best year is still way in front of you!

  21. Happy Bday Ben

  22. Sean McD

    Happy B-Day Ben. Stay young at heart. Age is a number only!

  23. Ashley O

    Happy Birthday Ben!!! Enjoy!

  24. Jdoole

    Happy b day dude!

  25. Cotter

    Open WOD 12.2: 60 reps.
    Got to 165# with about 20 seconds left. Enough time to give it one try, but failed. Might have to try this one again!

  26. Chad M.

    Hope you have a great birthday Ben!

  27. Jayme F.

    Happy birthday Ben! Hope you have a great day!

  28. Colleen (OC)

    Open WOD 12.2: 30 reps. Finished that in 3:40 without trying very hard, so I went on and did 30 cleans with the same weight. My back was very pleased today.

    So fun watching Cotter and Brandon, making it look easy! Ted did an awesome job too- he just never quit!

    • Katie C.

      so glad your back is feeling better!

    • michelle

      Way to represent the ladies this am, Colleen. I loved the way you finished the wod with the extra credit cleans! :)

  29. Happy Bday Ben! mmmmmmm…………..preganant wife, 2 kids running around and its games season! Yeah, you’ll get about 5 minutes of free time today. Hope you enjoy em’!

  30. Curt V.

    Happy Birthday Ben! Look at all the people celebrating you, well deserved! Thanks for all you’ve done for me and my family.

    With much love and admiration,


  31. Happy, Happy Birthday Ben!!! The “year of the win” is just starting for you!!
    Thanks for everything you share with us, your impact on my life is appreciated more than you know xo

    • I’ll second that! You’re one of the coolest dudes I know. Hope you had a great birthday get-away!

  32. MA Jennifer

    Ben!!!!! Happy Birthday!! Your the best, and I’m wishing you many blessings for your birthday! Xo

  33. Big Mike

    Happy Birthday Ben….we are waiting for you in the Master’s Division….tick tock….soon

  34. Allison L

    Happy birthday Ben!!!!

    Question – if I’m not going to be able to do 12.2 at CFNE, but can do it in a box in Miami (where I’ll be the next few days), do I select the affiliate I did that WOD at when I submit my score? And if I do select Crossfit Miami Beach (for example) as the affiliate that judged me, I’m still counted as a CFNE athlete since that’s how I registered, right?

    Good luck to everyone on 12.2

    • michelle

      Hi Allison, Yes, you select the affiliate where you did the WOD. The system will then prompt that affiliate to verify your score. You will still be registered on team CFNE. (This is the way it worked for me last year when traveling. Have fun in FL!)

    • katrina

      enjoy Miami and good luck! :-)

    • Colleen (OC)

      Great question because I’m going to be in Hilton Head next weekend!

  35. Daniel (Reebok CrossFit FirePower)

    Happy Birthday Ben!

  36. 12.2 – 60 reps. This WOD is humbling.

    Happy B-day Ben!

  37. Happy birthday Ben!
    87 reps 55+ weights

  38. Andy M

    Happy Birthday Ben and thanks for everything!

  39. Alison

    Best wishes for a great day, Ben. Happy Birthday.

  40. Eugene

    Happy Birthday Ben!

    And for the 6:30 am and 5:30 pm classes, your tshirts are in the link below. You can order from the same link posted before…we know who you are.

    • Lisa N.

      hahahaha! Made my day. But really … the DIRTY 5:30 … has a few things going for us …
      1. Sleep
      2. Dance music
      3. Now, t-shirts with kittens :-)

      Happy Birthday Ben. Thanks for everything!!

    • Katie C.

      miss my 5:30 crew. Brian’s been traveling like crazy so I’ve had to create w getting to class. Hopefully will be back soon and looking forward to the t-shirts. That little kitty looks like she can take on the fire-breathing dragon any day…

    • Katie T

      HAHHAAHAHAHA. That made me laugh. And then I remembered how amazing 5:30pm class is.

    • That kitten would kick a honey badger’s ass.

  41. AdrienneF

    Happy Birthday Ben – 2012 is going to be a great year for you! Thanks for being a wonderful coach and role model.

    500m row: 1:57.6 – first time testing this out.
    Weighted sit-ups
    Snatch practice with dowel

    Exciting to watch the brave few who did 12.2 today.

  42. Craig P

    Blindfold Challenge: Does anybody want to participate in a Blindfold Challenge and raise funds for the Mass. Association for the Blind? The Blindfold Challenge will be part of the BAA 5K on Sunday April 15 in Copley Square. The race starts at 8 am and finishes on the Boston Marathon finish line. The Blindfold Challenge is to run the BAA 5K blindfolded and assisted by a sighted guide. This one-of-a-kind event mirrors the experience of the 25+ blind athletes who will be competing in the 5K and Marathon that weekend. The fundraising minimum is $1,500 and advance registration and training is required. Email me:

    • I’ll be doing this, so if anyone is potentially interested in doing it with me as my sighted guide, let Craig know! :-)

  43. hey guys- I just put out the keys to the wod 12.2 for CFNE members (sorry friends following us from afar). If you havent already, email and she’ll send it to you.

  44. Katie C.

    Happy Birthday Ben! You’ve certainly ensured that all of us will have a few extra b-days to celebrate thanks to better fitness and nutrition under your watch. This year will be an amazing one for you and your fantastic family..enjoy!

  45. Nicole Z.

    Happy Birthday Ben! Hope you have an awesome day :)

    Open WOD 12.2- 38
    What a morning! Craziness in the 8:30!
    My 1 max rep for a snatch was 65#, went for the 75# and did it 8 times! I couldn’t stop smiling :)
    Amazing jobs by Whitney, Ann and Ashley on fire
    Thanks MDV, good times

  46. Sammy B.

    Hot yoga at HYP with Alison C and Pete. Just what I needed. Namaste!

  47. Rachel E

    Happy Birthday, Ben! Thanks for all you do for the incredible CFNE community, and welcoming EVERYONE to be a part of it. I appreciate it and hope you have a wonderful year ahead!

  48. Dave C.

    Open WOD 12.2 – 45 reps

    Happy birthday Ben!

    • Scott A

      Nice work Dave. Any thoughts on this WOD?

      • Dave C.

        I just kept telling myself “BIG BREATH” at the bottom and “EXPLODE” at the top.

    • michelle

      Great job, Dave C. It was amazing to see Ted, Brandon, Mike and you nail all of those heavy reps. Impressive effort by you all.

  49. Happy Birthday & here’s to many more, Ben!

  50. Ashley R.

    Open WOD 12.2

    53 reps. Lot’s of group morale going on at 8:30. That is what makes it fun!!!

    Big Birthday Wishes to Ben today!!!

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