Meg mobilizing her hamstrings pre "RumRunner". Watch out CFNE, Meg is a FireBreather. She can hang power clean 165#, what?!

“Purple Drank”
4 Rounds For Time:
6 Deadlifts (315, 215)
12 Ring Dips
40 Double Unders

Post Score to Comments.


Jonah demoing the air squat for the Kid's Seminar last weekend.


CFNE Charitable Foundation

With last year’s Games winnings, CFNE was able to create a charitable foundation to support the local community and those less fortunate than us. The first donation was made to The Taylor Children Trust, a family of three children who have been in and out of foster homes and state care.  Donations give you the opportunity to change people’s lives, like CrossFit has changed ours. Below is more information about the Taylor Children Trust.

Taylor Children


The Taylor children, Nick 14, Christian 12 and Kaylee, 9 have been wards of the state for the last four years.  After many years of neglect and a
dysfunctional home life they were removed from their parents and placed in foster care.  The hope of the state, as always, was to have the three siblings stay together and to find a family who would adopt them.  After a number of stays in foster care homes they were placed in a pre-adoptive situation in Dover.  After 2 years in this home the children were given back to state care this October, in the middle of the school year, and
placed in a temporary group home.  The plight of the kids came to the attention of the community quite by accident with one simple question.  Nick asked the Dover-Sherborn Middle school assistant headmaster if he could still play on the football team with his friends even though he was now going to be living in a group home outside of Dover with his siblings.  We were not aware these children were in state care until that moment.
We did not really know them well but the thought of these children being tossed to the wind prior to Thanksgiving and Christmas and losing their connection to their friends, their school, etc. was heartbreaking. That one simple question prompted the headmaster to contact MS football coach, George Licht and has brought us to where we are today. Many people rallied immediately to help these children stay in the community. A generous family in town stepped up and has taken the kids in so that they could finish the school year. Nick finished his football season and is playing basketball, Christian was able to perform in the middle school play as a knife in Beauty and the Beast, and Kaylee is headed for dance class.

Our greatest hope is to keep them in Dover-Sherborn and we are currently looking for a family in our community to provide a permanent home for these wonderful children. The goal of The Taylor Children’s Trust is to provide the financial
support these children need to allow them to break the cycle of dysfunction they were born in to and live their lives as normal as possible.
  Our dream is to change the course of their lives.  We are currently soliciting donations and have established The Taylor Children’s Trust for these children to make sure they get what they need growing up and to pay for them to go to college.

A donation to The Taylor Children’s Trust gives you an opportunity to change the lives of three terrific kids and to know the good your generosity has done.  On behalf of Nick, Christian and Kaylee…Thank you. If you wish to contribute, please make all checks payable to The Taylor Children’s Trust.

The Taylor Children’s Trust

c/o Lauren Miner

168 Maple Street

Sherborn, MA 01770


Lauren & Tim Miner (508-243-5294)

George Licht (781-258-0304)