CFNE! The fittest family in the world.

WOW!  What an amazing experience.  I have been wanting to write something to express how proud and happy I am to part of this little gym in Natick that just WON THE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS, but every time I sit down to write a recap of the Games I feel like my words aren’t going to do justice to the emotions I have.  So please realize that this is only a fraction of my true feelings. 

I am SO PROUD of you guys!  And I am not talking just to the six members of the team (they know how proud I am of them, their accomplishments, and how they embody the word “Champions” in every sense).  I am proud of our alternates, JC and Ali, for being the strongest teammates anyone could hope for.  I am proud of our Master’s competitors, Elaine, Bubba and Big Bri for competing with heart and class.  I am proud of the 30 something members of our gym that travelled across the country to cheer us on in the Sea of Red.  Our fans were the loudest in the stadium and the Team and Masters will tell you how much that meant to their performance.  I am proud of the dozens of other members who watched us watched us online and sent their support through texts and emails.  I am proud of Heather, who was spectacular commentating for ESPN this weekend. 

Lastly, I am proud of CFNE as a whole…every member!  Sometimes it’s hard to realize how much every member effects the success of our affiliate.  I think Bubba nailed it when he said, “I am the lucky one to have gotten to train with the other CFNE athletes that push their envelope and set the bar as high as they can for the people around them. What you give to the WOD you give to the community and help build the culture of personal accomplishment that is the core of CFNE. 

It’s like an iceberg, the biggest, most important part isn’t the shiny tip sticking above the water, it’s what is not as visible but much more important beneath the surface.”

 I noticed this firsthand this past couple of days as our members have been smashing PR’s and getting after WODs like it’s their own personal Games.  There seems to be a new sense of hunger, desire and level of commitment that our victory has brought to everyone.  How awesome is that?  Forget resting on your success.  CFNE is hungrier than ever.  LOVE IT!