Games Streamed Live on ESPN3
Catch all the World Games action next week on ESPN 3! Yeah, that’s right, CrossFit on ESPN. Very cool! The action starts Friday. Coverage is LIVE and highlights will stream at 9pm.


  1. Todd Bailey

    FYI -

    ESPN3 is online only, not on cable. However, if you have an Xbox360, Playstation3, Wii or Roku you can stream ESPN3 to your TV with the program “Playon”. You can also watch it on your Droid, iPhone and iPad.

    Playon costs $5 a month or a one time payment of $80, but you can get a free trial version that (I think) lasts a couple days at least. I bought it last fall and used it to watch a lot of college football that was broadcast only online on ESPN3. It doesn’t come through HD quality, but it is nice to watch it on the TV instead of a computer monitor.

    Here is the link:

  2. Eva Preston

    Good luck all of you CFNE firebreathers! I cant wait to watch the action!! Give it everything!! Lots of luck you will do it again!! Eva Preston

  3. ESPN has a Boston page. Everybody should contact ESPN:

    and tell them to cover the Games, at the very least, in the Boston area and on their page. We have one of the top affiliate teams and the Masters Champion from 2010!

  4. Eugene

    Kick some ass out there everyone.

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