Monday 6.20.11

Thank You DJ John Doole For The Sick Tunes All Weekend

” JT
21 – 15 – 9
Handstand Push Ups
Ring Dips
Push Ups

Post Scores to Comments.

Undefeated Regional Champs


  1. So much to say after an amazing weekend. I am in absolute awe of my teammates and Mel and the performances this weekend. Unbelieveable. A few things need to be said first though.

    First, THANK YOU to all of CFNE that came to support us over the weekend. The sea of red CFNE shirts screaming for us all weekend, encouraging us and cheering us on was phenomenal. You guys are the best!

    Also, THANK YOU to the volunteers and judges. As always, its you people behind the scenes doing the often thankless jobs that make the event so awesome. Thank you!

    Finally, something that’s been said among the team already but needs to be said publicly- Our performances over the weekend, and the fact that we were even there to begin with, is directly attributable to the world-class coaching we get from Ben Bergeron. We may be the ones getting our pictures taken and doing interviews, but none of it happens without Ben’s guidance. I speak for the entire team when I say that noone deserved to be on the podium getting a medal yesterday more than Ben. Thank you.

    Stay tuned. We’re not done yet…

    • Eugene

      Congrats everyone for a great weekend all the way around. Wish I could have been there, but from what everyone says, you all killed it!

      • Susan Bergeron

        I just watched the games site video on Ockerbeast.
        Mel may be a “beast”, but she is also elegant and eloquent. An extraordinary example of triumph through adversity. I know why she couldn’t look at her Mom at the end so that they both held it together. I am in awe.

    • Congratulations to the entire CFNE community, especially the “Director” and his band of volunteers and the amazing CFNE athelets, Heather, Lisa, Sonia, Derek, Mat, JC and Mel who kept us mesmerized for three days.

    • Wow, just watched Okerbeast, amazing, nothing else you can say Mel except you’re AWESOME!!!!

      Way to go CFNE, you are all a huge inspiration for the rest of us!

  2. 14:29 Rx (3:22 PR)

  3. akattany24

    JT -with 2 mats instead of 3 felt good and next time I will take out another..! 11:09

  4. JT – 25:26. I knew my HSPU were something I was in need of improving. This proved it! I stayed positive the whole time though. Banded dips (1″), HSPU to #35 plate and abmat, then negatives to 1 abmat on the 15’s and 9’s.

    Great fun this weekend watching the competition. Congrats to competitors and judges and volunteers on a great event.

  5. JT: 22:47 Rx

  6. chad g

    JT: 21:54 Rx
    Deadlifts: 5×135,155,185,3×210,235,10×265
    Weighted Pull-Ups OTM: 4x20min (20# vest)

  7. JT: 26+
    2 ab mats, tiny band on the 21 & 15s of ring dips
    goat workout for me, but first time to get that many HSPUs

    Inspired by Mel and the team this weekend…fantastic job! Can’t wait for LA!

  8. Mike C. #2

    “JT”: 24:38 (HSPU attempts)

  9. JT: 19:26 (25# & 35# plates for HSPU, med band rings)

    Once again in awe of anyone who can complete this WoD Rx in any time! Nice job 530. Sorry for my last minute freak out when lost my abmat …”just deal with it”.

    So proud just to be brushing shoulders with Ben, the CFNE TEAM and Mel. You guys rock and will kill it later this summer!

  10. Tim Deaner

    Simply Incredible

    My description of what I saw from the CFNE athletes and the entire CFNE community this weekend! I have been crossfitting for 5 months and went to the regionals to cheer on our team who made it but quickly found myself rooting for Team Crossfit New England in every event and the courageous, ahtletic, and rather attractive Mel Ockerbeast :)!! Some say the best athletes are found on the gridiron, the hardwood, the ice or the baseball diamond, but I learned this past weekend they are found in Natick Massachusetts! I hope to come and train with you soon, thanks for the inspiration to make me want to do more!

    Tim Deaner

  11. Adrienne

    JT: 39:43 2ab mats & 10# plate, ring dips with 1″ band. First time ever using rings instead of GHD. Won’t be able to raise my arms over my head later!

  12. Sat: “360 Frost”: 16:48 Rx
    Sun: 5 mile run with 10 pushups E4MOT4M
    Today: “Michael”: 17:48 Rx – great push by Brandon, Eugene and Scott…

    hats off to anyone who Rx-ed JT.
    Also congrats Mel “tough-as-nails” Ockerby and team CFNE!

  13. Janice

    Doodle! I found myself and others dancing throughout the weekend – music was awesome!
    U Rock! Thank you!

  14. Brandon

    Michael: 16:59 Rx

    Could not resist doing Michael today since I missed it yesterday due to a 10-hour drive home…

    Had a little adrenaline pumping after seeing Team and Mel results this weekend; it is an honor to be part of this community! Especially after my Tour De Crossfit Affiliates…I could not be more lucky to have stumbled on The Force known as Bergeron and CFNE.

    Awesome job with Saint, Eugene and Scott today on Michael – you guys killed this…way to get after it on an early Monday morning!

    • Alison

      Nice job killing it guys!!

    • Eugene

      Brandon was on a mission today, and Saint, Scott and I were just along for the ride. Nice job boys! And Brandon, crazy time!

      Michael – 18:09 Rx

      • Scott W


        Brandon you killed it. Excellent job Eugene and Saint it was great to work out with you this morning. Next time remind me not to do the hill and 800 for a warm up.

    • I heard you guys all killed it! Way to go!

  15. jdoole

    Action Photo! I love it.

    3 position cleans (high hang, ATK, floor) 185
    PP– 155
    Front Squats 185

    Great job to CFNE team and MEL u are amazing. The staff and judges u guys did amazing. thanks countless CFNE friends that helped me out w/ food and water etc. great job! It was fun!

  16. Alison

    2k Row – 9:12.8. PR by 13.9 seconds. Thank you, Saint, for all of your coaching, and Ronda for your pointers. I put them all to work today, and surpassed my goal which was 9:15.

    Team CFNE and Mel — you were amazing to watch yesterday morning. I got goose bumps (ok, I welled up) watching you pull out a win in Amanda coming into the end a few seconds behind. Your grit, determination and heart were obvious and are evidence of why you are where you are. Thank you for being role models.

  17. JT 34:21 2 abmats

  18. Congratulations CFNE on the incredible achievements this weekend! I may only be able to see the numbers on the scoreboard, but I know how much more is behind that. Next stop…

  19. JT scaled: 75# press, GHD pull-ups. 21:44

    Awesome Mel! Congrats CFNE team!


  20. JT scaled: 75# press, GHD dips. 21:44

    Awesome Mel! Congrats CFNE team!


  21. A. JT: 16:45 (scaled up with 20# vest) down to singles by the 15s of the HSPU – nasty

    B. Narrow stance OHS practice 15# bar – these were very hard today.

    • chad g

      JT scaled up????
      That’s like a whole family of Honey Badgers going at it!!!

  22. Katrina

    JT- 35:27 (I think)…the round of 21 was rx, but I had to ad an ab mat after that to finish WOD.

  23. Colleen

    Mel, none of us have any excuses anymore. Break an ankle falling off the box? Get hit by a car doing a 400 meter run? Nope, gotta finish the WOD! (“But if Mel could do it…”)

    I’m SO incredibly proud of Mel and Team CFNE, and completely humbled to be a (very small!) part of something so amazing.

  24. John S.

    JT: 22:09 (2 abmats, med band on rings)

    Congrats Mel and team CFNE!!

  25. michelle

    JT- 26:xx I think- hspu to floor but switched to 1 ab mat during second round.

    As Colleen said, I am so incredibly impressed and inspired by Mel and Team CFNE! I feel very lucky to be training in the place w/ the best programming, coaching, and athletes on the planet!

  26. Allison L

    JT: Either 22:23 or 23:22 – 1 abmat and band for ring dips.

    Congrats to ALL of the CFNE athletes that competed this weekend – just incredible. Ben congrats to you as well for directing a truly great event and coaching so many great athletes to victories this past weekend. I think we were all proud to be part of CFNE.

  27. MA Jennifer

    Congrats Mel and All of CFNE team!! You guys were AMAZING and I am super happy for you! Hard work pays off. Wish I was able to be in town to see more of it… but what I did see was SO inspiring. Congratulations and thank you… and Ben… the mastermind behind all of the CFNE athletes, you ROCK too :-)

  28. Michael: 20:34

    Congratulations to all the athletes that competed this weekend. You guys are all inspiring and amazing! Congrats to Ben for running such a great event, what a fun weekend for all!

  29. JT- Mod (100#Press)… sketchy ring dips… once I get on the wall HSPU should be a battle!!

  30. Dave C

    JT: 25:09 – 1 abmat for rd 1 of HSPU, 2 mats for rds 2 and 3.

    This was a tough one, very humbling. But learned how to kip through both the dips and the HSPUs for the first time. Small victories! Thanks, Mel.

  31. gbleard

    JT – 15:37 w/ 20# Vest

    Congrats to our CFNE Team and Mel, way to put on a dominating performance this weekend

  32. Alison

    Here’s a video from the Games site of Mel “Ockerbeast” working her way through the hand tearing WOD. Amazing attitude and performance.

    • Susan S.

      That video says it all – at the end of a crushing workout, Mel was poised and eloquent! What an amazing athlete!!! You are awesome Mel!!!

  33. Congrats to Mel and Team CFNE!

    Really bummed I missed such an awesome weekend. Had fun following it all online, though! All of the hard work certainly paid off for you all!!!

  34. Big Bri

    “JT” – 49:08 Rx (again, not a typo)

    Congrats to Mel and Team CFNE! You guys are incredible, and have the hearts of champions. Can’t wait for the next chapter.

  35. jay mac

    Wow Mel. Inspirational. Congrats to you and team cfne. Kudos to Ben for the programming and running the event. Cfne rocks.

  36. B.Keefe

    13:25 45+ Abmat for Hspu rest Rx

  37. Pappas

    JT – 21:21 RX 45# + 1 Ab Mat

  38. 24:35, 1/4″ band ring dips, 2 abmats.
    Felt good to be back at it after a week off.

    Way to go Mel and Team CFNE! It was awesome to watch you crush it this weekend. I’m proud to call CFNE my home. And, way to represent this weekend, superfans!

  39. Alicia

    Congrats to the CFNE team, Mel, Ben, all the volunteers and judges and the supportive members of CFNE. You all are amazing and directed quite an event! I’m looking forward to seeing you DOMINATE the Games!!!

  40. Will B

    subbed hspu with 35lb dumbell press b/c of shoulder

  41. PatSmulligan

    19:31 – I think I may have had a little too much fun this weekend.

  42. JT: 20:01 – 1 abmat and a 10# plate on first half of first set, had to add another 10# plate for the rest. Hadn’t done these in months and so far so good with the shoulder. Push ups were slow, but steady. On my way back!

    Great to see JFo back tonight – we missed you!

  43. JT smoked me: 35:05 45# +ab mat, and banded dips. Endurance class with Mat was great, seems pose isn’t that hard after all.

    It has been said and will continue to be said, this past weekend was such an impressive display of what hard work, hearts’ of champions, and pure determination will get you, no matter what the challenge is. Crossfit New England is a great place to be a part of, way to go. Mel you are a legend! The team had us all on the edge of our seats, just waiting to see how dominant you were going to be. Keep up the hard work and thanks for pushing me to be a better person. TOM

  44. “JT” – 31:06 (subbed 11-9-7 wall-walks for HSPU)


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