You are not your past.  You are better than that.  Don’t let yesterday’s events or today’s fears keep you from being the person you know you can be.  Your biography is not your destiny. 

Most of society believes that we are our past.  They believe who we are, and who we will become, has already been decided by our past.  For example, if you had a troubled past you are destined for a troubled future; if you have been successful in your youth you are destined for greatness.  Or in terms of CrossFit, if you’ve struggled with running, Olympic lifting, or dialing in your nutrition in the past, these will be your shortcomings for years to come.

But in reality we know this isn’t true.  All of us know examples that counter this; the blessed kid with nothing but sunshine and rainbows in front of him that somehow ends up in rehab.  Or the girl with nothing going for her, against all odds, ends up the CEO of a Fortune 500 company.  Or in terms of CrossFit, it’s the stories we see every month at CFNE; The fat guy that looses 80 lbs and goes on to win a 5k.  Or it’s the weak and un-athletic soccer mom that can now dead lift twice her bodyweight and do 30 pull ups. 

The truth is your past does not dictate your future.  As humans beings we have been given the ultimate power…The power of decision and choice.  You control who you are and who you will become, by the DECISIONS and ACTIONS you take TODAY. 

 Decide to be better at running, Olympic lifting or eating clean, and then ACT on those decisions.  You can be anything you chose to be, but you must believe in your decisions, and act upon those decisions with conviction.  Don’t fail into the trap of the many, that your past failures will predict future faults.  At CrossFit we know better.  We can be anything we decide, as long as we act.   Biography is not Destiny, your Destiny is up to YOU.